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Get your Healthy on this Holiday Season


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season! Much love from Dr. Phillipo and Dr. Madda at The Natural Path

The holidays are here and so is the pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies. Seems that every major food company creates sugary goods in pretty little packages that can be used to tell people ” I love you. ”  This is the time of year that I encourage all of my HCG Diet patients to keep their eyes on the prize … which is the very best version of themselves. Honestly, nothing tastes as good as your best self feels!

It is all too easy to fall into the mindless trap of eating a bunch of sugar-laden food and alcohol through the holidays. After all, when you are celebrating it is nice to let it all go.  I agree with that statement once in a while!  However, the holiday season is over a month long. If you choose to give up self discipline with food and drink you are guaranteed to put on a few pounds and more importantly … you probably will not feel so good!


When you were a child, your mother probably did some monitoring with your food intake.  Adults today have to do this for themselves and many have lost the art of self-discipline … especially when celebrating.

I would recommend sitting down and making a page of what your best self looks like to you!  Use some colors, get out some magazines, find some pictures of yourself shining bright.  Let this be your guide to help you with your decisions this holiday season.  This exercise can set the stage for success. I have asked all of my HCG Diet and weight loss patients to do this at the start of the holiday season. They all thank me for it later!  Intention is really powerful stuff.

Tips to Help you Stay Healthy through the Season

1. Protein and Veggies

Make these items three fourths of your dinner plate and eat them first.  Also, sit down and eat slowly.  Try chewing your food and actually enjoying the process of eating. This is a hard one as in our modern, busy life we tend to eat SO fast that we almost miss out on the whole experience. Plus, when you eat slow you get the “full” signal in time!

2. Water

It is the simplest things in life that are so important.  Hydration is so beneficial for everyone.  There are a million reasons why hydration is a key player for optimal wellness.  Water fills you up … drinking water can soften the cravings and keep you from over eating.  I have learned that the signal for thirst is often perceived by our modern day brain as hunger.  We think we are hungry when really we just want more water.  If you feel hungry and you have eaten recently, try drinking 16 ounces of water and waiting 5 minutes to see how you feel. In many cases, hunger will dissipate!

3. Don’t Allow Yourself to hit the Starving Point

We have all heard that it is a bad idea to go to the grocery store feeling hungry. Well, the same rule applies when going to a holiday gathering.  Skipping meals to save up for that bigger meal later usually backfires. Simply be mindful of what you choose to put in your body!  If you get too hungry … the result is usually eating the “wrong” thing in large quantities. Of course, you will also not feel so great about yourself later.  With a little bit of mindfulness, this scenario can be totally avoided!

4. Burn Baby Burn

The holidays might be here but I strongly advise you to keep up with your exercise routine.  If you are away from home, get on those shoes and hit the streets for a little run.  Run around with the kids, jump rope, go out dancing, try a new class or find something on demand … just make sure you get that heart rate up and use those muscles every day.  Exercise needs to be non-negotiable and it is not worth getting out of the routine.

5.Breathe Deep and Sleep

The holidays tend to add more events to our already full calendars.  Careful of stress!  Notice if you feel tense or overwhelmed. If you do … stop and breathe and let it all go for 2 minutes (yes, that says 2 minutes and that is all it takes sometimes). When stress increases, your desire for calories increases too. We can thank cortisol for this!  So, pencil in some “you-time” and do what you love … get a pedicure, go for a bike ride, kick back and listen to some music.  Sleep … it is SO important to keep ourselves on track. A rested mind does a much better job at making good decisions for our bodies.

6. Easy on the Alcohol

Alcohol can be fun and festive.  Sitting with friends over a glass of wine and some good conversation is a wonderful way to spend some time.  However, holiday drinks tend to be sugary and heavy in the calorie department.  Also, with alcohol in your body most tend to have a more relaxed attitude about eating.

7. Follow the 2 Bite Rule

If you are too rigid, you might set yourself up for failure!  SO, make some wiggle room.  Enjoy that decadent piece of cheesecake!  However, instead of eating the whole piece. Take a small bite and savor it!  Honestly, you will enjoy it way more than the person next to you who just ate the whole piece mindlessly!

8. Enjoy Your Loved Ones

The food is secondary to the quality time with those you get to share it with.  Share joy with those you love!  The food can be festive but does not have to be the focus!

Wishing you a joyful and health-full holiday season!

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