The HCG Diet and Celebrations

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SEMAGLUTIDE weight LossYou chose to jump on board the HCG Diet protocol this season amongst many celebrations.. All in all, this was a healthy choice in the big picture!  Celebrations may be full of food full of temptation, but honestly, most holiday foods, in the end, create inflammation in our bodies.  We live for pleasure, and food is an easy source of pleasure!  The simple truth is that we crave the food experience in our mouths, and then once it goes down the hatch, the inflammation can begin.

The reality is that human nature holds an addictive tendency to food, especially the carby sugary foods.  Celebrations present a unique challenge to those on any weight loss program, especially the HCG weight loss program.  The center of most celebrations is food, and usually, there is a lot of it.  Those on the HCG Diet program will put their will to the test and might be the only ones who get through the festive season without gaining any weight.

It is important to remember that you can still have a wonderful time and stick to your  HCG diet program. Here are a few tips that can keep you aligned with your committment!

HCG Diet Tips with Celebrations

Have something to eat before you leave the house. An excellent option may be an HCG diet-friendly protein shake.  I highly recommend arriving at a holiday party with a full belly.  I also suggest bringing an elaborate veggie tray of all the veggies you can have in phase 2 of the HCG Diet plan.  You can also make a beautiful, bountiful salad to share!  If you have a little slip-up, just let it go and move forward on plan!  Remember, you will not be doing this every night, so one night, a little off your diet won’t set you back too much, but try not to be very mindful.

The HCG Diet program is not forgiving with “cheats.”  Remember, if we have anything with carbs or sugars that brings insulin on board, you will go into the fast storage program. Thank you insulin!!

Don’t forget to weigh yourself daily to see how you’re doing. If your weight goes up more than 2 pounds, or if you have a stall over 3 days, you might consider it a “shake day.”  This would be a scoop of Sun Warrior protein for lunch, free veggies as desired, and a normal Phase 2 HCG Diet dinner.

HCG Diet Drinking Tips with Celebrations

I surely do not recommend alcohol on the program. However, in a social situation where you will have a drink, it is better to make the best choice!  If you are going to have any alcohol, please give up your fruits, as well as any tomatoes.  Drink plenty of water.  A clean vodka with sparkling water will be your best choice.

Remember, keep your mind positive and your “glass” half full.  You can relax and enjoy the celebration even while on the HCG weight loss program!

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