Semaglutide for Weight Loss


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The HCG Diet can Help People Love their Bodies Again

For many of my patients, the excess weight that they carry on their bodies is a not only unhealthy for their bodies but ravages their mind and spirit.  The mental/emotional component that comes with excess fat storage is really intense for so many people.  As the pounds come off through the HCG Diet in Portland with Doctors watch the confidence build and I start seeing a new sense of freedom and empowerment. This might be my very favorite part of facilitating this process.  Of course, the health benefits that can be taken through a lifetime with new eating patterns are unbelievable and watching people embody their skin with a greater sense of pride and self love is very rewarding.


With that said, I also encourage my patients to love their bodies no matter what the shape or size but the truth is … that is really hard for people.  Carrying around a bigger body feels shameful for so many people and it is HARD to lose weight!  I am impressed with those people who can feel comfortable with their bodies in any form.  I have interviewed many to ask for their “secret” of acceptance and confidence.  However, it is hard for the majority of over weight people to love themselves deeply.  I have seen this over and over in my practice and teaching self-love is surely a focus of my program.


A healthy diet does not have to be tasteless and boring.  I find fresh fruits and vegetables and clean, sustainable protein options to be a huge source of joy in my life.  It really is all how you choose to look at it!  You can look at this as horribly boring and void of all flavor and never succeed OR you can choose to see the incredible bounty that our Earth provides for us on this planet.  You can choose to see the vibrant colors and appreciate the abundance of nutrients in these incredible foods.  Healthy food will sustain you on a cellular level and keep your body clean.  I find that to be amazing and I hope you can too!  I have seen so many patients who are in total awe of how their diet transformed through the HCG Diet program.  If you sit on the couch and watch a Netflix marathon while chomping a back of chips or a pint of Ben and Jerries … well, you aren’t gonna get very far on a weight loss or a health journey for that matter.  Some habits do need to change and this change can be really delicious and exciting if you embrace it that way!



Shedding weight and building confidence with the HCG Diet

My hope for all of my patients is that they find their way to a place where they feel healthy and alive in their bodies.  So many possibilities open up with this attitude!  Changing your overall diet over time is a big step!  I have seen patients go from eating at Jack in the Box 3 times per day to cooking all of their own food at home.  Transformation … that is what this is all about on so many levels.  I love helping patient get to their goals. Sometimes, it is almost as if shedding 40 lbs sets them sail for a new voyage in life.  Weight loss is powerful and the HCG Diet is so effective!  It’s a true honor to help patients in this way!

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