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The Inspiring Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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Testosterone-Optimatization-for-WomenFor the past 13 years, the emain focus of my private medical pratice has been in helping my patients overcome behavioral patterns and addictions to food.  I also help them lose excess fat stores and watch them transform in body, mind and spirit.  The HCG Diet protocol is what I have found to be the most safe, effective and manageable approach.

The Many Reasons for Fat Storage in the Human Body

I spend most of my “free” time researching the neurological, hormonal, genetic and general physiological reasons for fat storage and fat loss in the body.  The research has actually never been better than right NOW.  The take home message seems to be INSULIN is the main culprit as it signals the body to store and also puts bars up over our fat stores to inhibit fat burning.  Research shows us the benefit of fasting in our bodies and a daily intermittent fast of 16-18 hours seems to be an excellent way to go.  We are designed to feast and we are designed to famine.  However, we are exceptional at the feasting part in the modern day but we rarely get to the fasting.  Fasting is when the body does it’s cellular editing and literally cleans the house. So, if we live in a world where food is always available … it just makes sense to create an eating window and atleast give our bodies 16-18 hours to fast most days of the week.

Human Genetics and Fasting

According to many sources, our human genetic make up goes back 120K years.  Just to put it into perspective, fire was only developed about 10K years ago.  Having food as we do now is really only at the most 70 years old and it is not serving us well. We are a society where most people are dealing with some sort of chronic illness.

I have found intermittant fasting to be an exceptional tool with my patients.   I find it helps them conitnue to lose weight and maintain after the HCG Diet protocol.

If you are new to intermittant fasting check out the works of Dr. Jason Fung!

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