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Eating with Chopsticks. Try it on the HCG Diet!
Eating with Chopsticks. Try it on the HCG Diet!

Slow Down and Eat with Chopsticks

Have you ever tried to put a giant heap of food in your mouth with chopsticks? It is simply not an easy thing to do and that is why I have grown to love them.  When you eat with chopsticks, you are forced to slow down, pay attention and eat more deliberately.  All of this will help your stomach to register its FULL signal to the brain.  Try using chopsticks to eat for a week!  I just bought myself a fancy pair and plan to use them with frequency.  It is always nice to change things up a bit and this is kind of a fun one!

I am recommending this method of eating to all of my HCG Diet patients!



Use chopsticks to eat salads, stews, whole grains, stir fry dishes, nuts/seeds, fruit and veggies, popcorn/snacks, meats and fish and anything else that you can find that works. It takes practice to get proficient at using these eating tools.  I noticed a leap in my chopstick ability this week!

Another challenge would be to pick up one or two things at a time with your chopsticks and then put them down as you chew each bite.  I do not know about you but, I would like to SLOW down while I eat.  By using chopsticks, you can experience smaller bites of food and chew it well to make it easier on the digestive system. We have so many salivary enzymes in our mouths to help us break down food and when we eat large bites rather quickly the food never gets to meet these salivary enzymes and gets jipped of the first phase of enzymatic breakdown.

Make Eating with Chopsticks Fun

Get yourself a fancy pair of chopsticks and enjoy using them.  This almost makes eating more of a game instead of a routine thing we do.  Enjoy the slowness of eating.

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