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Three Cheers for Kale on the HCG Diet

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Best HCG Diet PortlandWe added kale to the HCG Diet Protocol at The Natural Path about 2 years ago after conducting some clinical trials with our patient population.  Dr. Simeons vegetable list seemed “small” to us and we wanted to test out a few others and see if there was room for expansion.

For years, kale seemed to go under appreciated.  Today, kale chips and kale in general seems to almost be a house hold word (atleast where I live in Portland, Oregon).


Kale is amazing for our bones.  Just one single serving of kale can give us ample amounts of Vitamin K which supports the formation of bone.  Kale is high in manganese and calcium which helps with bone density.  Kale is also good for the eyes with lots of lutein and zeaxanthin.  A host of cancer prevention can also be found in kale with its high amounts of Vitamin C and indoles.  Kale is also an amazing fiber that can sweep through our intestinal systems delivering nutrients and taking toxic waste with it.

Preparing Raw Kale for an HCG Diet Friendly Dish

When I prepare kale, I like to remove the stems first.  Then, I tear the leaves into bite sized pieces.  I like to take a red onion and slice it as thin as I can.  I also like to take zucchini (phase III hcg diet only) and slice it in thin circles cut in half.  Then, simply sprinkle 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 tsp salt and massage it in.

** if you are not on the HCG Diet — I would add 1/4 cup cold pressed olive oil and 1/4 cup cold pressed sesame oil to the dressing and massage it into the leaves well. You can also add in chunks of avocado and pumpkin seeds.

Kale is also delicious cooked. I simply put the tears of leaves in a small amount of garlic and coconut oil with about a tbsp of water.  Cover and let it steam.  Delicious and nutritious!!

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