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The Scale does NOT tell the whole story. At The Natural Path we use the InBody Body composition Analyzer to give us the most accurate information

What is Lean Body Mass and what part of it is Skeletal Muscle?

When I run a body composition analysis on our patients who are doing our HCG Diet program or  our bio-identical hormone optimization program the 2 parameters of “lean mass” and “fat mass” always stand out.  Through our HCG Diet program, we see in most cases that their is very little change in lean mass despite a significant loss in body fat mass.

One common misconception with the body composition analysis is that lean mass means muscle mass.  However, the truth is that lean mass is anything in the body that is not fat mass.


Clarifying Lean Body Mass over Muscle Mass on Body Composition Analysis


Lean Body Mass  is technically the total weight of your body minus your fat mass. It includes the weight of your skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, organ tissue, intra- and extracellular water as well as your muscle tissue. Therefore, a change in lean body mass can be a change in any of these tissues.  However, due to the nature of the body, over a short amount of time the only parameter that really changes is muscle mass and water mass.  To sum it up, skeletal muscle is a big portion of our lean body mass, however our lean body mass can be influenced by other factors besides muscle with the most notable being water!

One of my favorite parts of the HCG Diet program is that there is very little change in lean mass and if there is any change at all you can actually find most all of it in the water.  With a proper exercise program, skeletal muscle is the only muscle in the body that can be developed.


Water and Lean Body Mass

Water also has a significant impact on lean body mass. Water also fluctuates in our bodies for many reasons.  Although muscle mass an contribute to a gain in lean mass; water can too!  If you drink a big glass of water prior to your body scan, you would have a gain in lean mass which was water!.  We also must remember that 79% of the muscle cells are water.  As we know, resistance training will also increase the water in muscle cells.

The inBody body composition analyzer is a great tool to use with patients in our office on the HCG Diet protocol and our Bio identical hormone optimization programs.

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