Carbohydrate Control for Fat Loss

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HCG DIET PORTLANDCarbohydrates come in many forms.  Foods very high in carbs can be a great food source for some at certain times in life!  I have found in my 15 years of clinical practice that optimal and maintainable weight loss comes when my patients are eating mostly protein, vegetables and healthy fats.   These foods will optimize fat burning and down-regulate fat storage for most (in my clinical experience anyway)!!  I find the 90% and 10% rule to be very effective at maintaining weight loss!  I have seen a  diet of clean proteins, low-carb vegetables and good quality fats 90% of the time and the special treats 10% of the time be highly effective for so many of my patients. We need a little wiggle room for a “treat” here and there!!  After all, if we are too rigid, we could set ourselves up for failure!

The Benefits of a Low Carb Diet with Fat Burning

If the body has elevated blood sugar and elevated insulin the fat storage mode is kicked into overdrive!  High blood sugar and insulin will also suppress the fat-burning messages of IGF-1. Both blood sugar and
insulin are elevated by carbohydrates.  When I first prescribe an eating plan for my medical weight loss patients, I keep carbohydrates in the vegetable and fruit realm only.  This helps to  drive insulin down, IGF-1 up, and shift you into fat-burning mode.  This style of eating also keeps inflammation down.  When we have high levels of inflammation in the body it is harder to burn fat. Inflammation also contributes to a whole host of health problems.  I also find when we keep the carbs low, sugar cravings disappear and the blood sugar roller coaster ends.

A lower carb diet will also accelerate fat burning!  When glycogen (a carbohydrate storage) is depleted the body will then begin to burn fat!

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