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Eating Smart when Eating Out

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HCG Diet

We teach our HCG Diet patients the Eating Out class 101!

The main reason I like to eat at home is because then I know what is in my food.  As we all know, a lot of restaurant food is not the highest quality and all kinds of salts and things get smothered all over it to add some tasty flavor.  Some say that eating at home can save $$. I would say that is true sometimes but the food I like to cook definitely has some spendy  ingredients.  People get busy these days and end up eating out as a way of convenience.  I took a survey of my HCG Diet patients over the last month and I was amazed at how many people ate dinner out at least 3 days per week.  My patients ask me quite regularly what I would recommend when they are eating out.  I have a friend who is a chef at a very high end restaurant in Portland and here are a few tips from him on how to avoid common processed, low-quality, GMO foods from the restaurant kitchen


Be Smart about your Salads

A healthy salad would consist of organic vegetables, nuts and seeds, etc.  Sometimes, salads are not the healthiest option at a restaurant.  They can be cover in processed cheeses,  sugary cranberries and candied nuts,  GMO oil dressings loaded with sugar, and so on. Remember with salads that less condiments and more veggies are better. Try leaving off the shredded yellow cheddar, order that chicken or shrimp grilled instead of fried, leave off the croutons and get oil and vinegar or fresh lemon on the side for dressing.


70% of Your Plate Non-Starchy Vegetables and 30% Clean Proteins


At a restaurant, most entrees come with a couple sides which are usually starchy and some sort of heavy seasoning on the protein as well as rich sauces. A good rule of thumb is to think 30% of your plate should be dedicated to protein and 70% dedicated to plants. Instead of ordering the baked potato and rice as your side, try doubling up on the veggie options or on salad. Be aware of seasonings and spices.  It is true that many commercial-grade spices and seasonings are low quality, packed with salt and preservatives. Instead of ordering your fish with Cajun spice, try asking for simple sea salt and pepper with lemon on the side.  In other words, try to eat your food as clean as possible.


Hold off on the Dessert

Sugar creates inflammation in the body.  If you go for a dessert try the two bite rule … take 2 small bites, savor them and then call it done.  Having a nice cup of tea after a dinner out is also a nice and much healthier way to finish off the meal!


Eating healthy can be enjoyable.  In the long run, you will feel better if you make these healthier choices … especially if you are someone who eats out quite a bit.


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