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Eating to Regulate Blood Sugar

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Balancing out Blood Sugar


HCG Diet PortlandMany of our patients suffer from hypoglcemic symptoms which stem from the rise and fall of blood sugar.  This is most often due to a diet high in sugars and carbs and insulin insensitivity combined.  This can also be due to  imbalances in thyroid hormones, metabolic syndrome, etc.  If you have true hypoglycemia (which is actually quite rare) you know that anxiety can kick in when blood sugar gets too low.  What happens when the blood sugar elevates is that insulin is called on board to shunt sugars into the cells. If the body secretes more insulin than needed the blood sugar can go from relatively high to low which creates the symptoms of  “hypoglycemia.”  When blood sugar hits a low point,  it triggers the “fight or flight” response from the brain/adrenal glands.  My favorite diet for most people is the Phase 3 diet of the HCG Diet protocol. I find that some “spin” off of this dietary structure helps most people keep blood sugar regulated!


A few Things you can do to help Hypoglycemic Symptoms


When it is time for your first meal of the day, choose foods low in carbohydrate and sugar.  I am a huge fan of intermittent fasting or eating your food in a 6-8 hour eating window.  Start the day with some healthy fats, clean proteins and veggies!   The name of the game will be to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day.  This is best done by eating good quality protein, healthy fats and lots of veggies as your main food sources.    You can choose high quality nuts, seeds, meats, fish, eggs, organic veggies and clean protein powders! I would suggest  keeping grains, corn, legumes, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, peas & squash to a minimum.  It is also important to avoid all sweeteners.

Carbohydrates are comfort food and can seem hard to avoid.  After 3-5 days of keeping them out of your diet, cravings will dissipate.  After a couple months of eating low carb, high quality proteins. lots of veggies and healthy fats you will find your dysglcemia is significantly improved.



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