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Improving Insulin Sensitivity and Reducing Body Fat?

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hcg diet for weight lossImproving insulin sensitivity and reducing body fat are two things that will come with making healthy dietary and lifestyle habits.  The HCG Diet program is an effective way to get glucose regulation optimized and reduce body fat.  To begin with, we need to have an I CAN attitude!  Once you are ready to make changes, we can evaluate your diet and exercise habits.

If you don’t exercise properly and consistently and you are eating a diet high in unhealthy fat, processed sugar,s & carbs, and consume excess calories then we need to begin to change those habits.  It is important to embrace these changes in a positive light and get excited about the new YOU!

Exercise to Improve Insulin and Lower Body Fat

It is important to exercise most days of the week and to do forms of exercise that require your muscles to work.  I strongly suggest a combo of both cardio and resistance training.   Our muscle cells love glucose and they require some to give the muscles  the energy they need to perform. It honestly doesn’t matter if you’re lifting heavy weights or light weights — in the end,  your muscles will still uptake the glucose from your blood stream.

Studies show that having a higher ratio of muscle mass is associated with lower insulin resistance and improved insulin sensitivity. Walking is also fabulous. In my practice, I have seen a commitment to walking alone improve HbA1C levels. HbA1C is a measure used to look at ones average blood sugar from over a period of 2-3 months.  Walking is easy and you can do it anywhere even on your lunch break.  Exercise needs to be done regularly and you need to stick with it! 

Choosing a Diet Low in Sugar to help with Insulin Sensitivity and Weight Loss

I ask all of my diabetic and weight loss patients to learn about the Glycemic Index (GI) of foods.  This scale whows high much a particular food will raise your blood sugar levels.  Fat and fiber will lower the glycemic index of a food by preventing sugar from spiking too quickly in the blood stream. In general, it is important to focus on a diet high in clean protein sources, organic vegetables and the occasional fruit. I find that a clean, simple diet which is followed for 6 to 8 weeks along with healthy exercise will change lab values for the better!!


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