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Insulin and IGF-1 and FAT BURNING!

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Insulin and IGF-1 and FAT Burning

HCG Diet for Cleansing and Fast Weight LossWe know that when we eat a meal and blood sugar goes up that the pancreas!  Imagine the receptors on the cells as parking spaces, while insulin and IGF-1 are the cars. The drivers of the insulin cars are way more aggressive and when they’re around, they grab all the parking spaces, leaving IGF-1 to cruise around with nowhere to land.

Insulin will bind to cells and fuel them with sugar which often gets converted to fat,  while IGF-1 will work to feed your cells by breaking down your fat stores for fuel.  IGF-1’s metabolic message is to build, repair and spare muscle, protein, bone, your brain and nerves, organs, glands, and connective tissue, as well as,  to burn fat. Obviously, we want to increase IGF-1 activity while reducing insulin levels. That way the fat-burner signal is much stronger—and much longer—than the fat-maker signal.

Insulin’s Message is to Store Fat

But when you’ve got a ton of aggressive insulin cars driving around in your bloodstream and fighting for the parking spaces on your cells, guess which message gets into the cell?  Insulins message is “STORE FAT!”  It programs your cells to store fat and also inhibits your body from breaking down your fat stores.

I know that I am giving insulin a bad rap and I would also like to point out that insulin does a lot of really good things in the body.  We can thank insulin for getting amino acids (protein) into the muscle cells and increasing the uptake of potassium.  Before we entered the era of having grocery stores and food on demand insulin also helped us to stay alive. The fat insulin helped us to store when food was plentiful was food that we used for later when we were in a famine.  Insulin runs a very fine track and we need just enough!!!  More is definitely not better when it comes to insulin.

Ideally, we want a couple of  insulin spikes in our day after we eat.  Otherwise, we want to reduce our insulin levels so that IGF-1 can grab those parking spots on our cells and share its muscle-sparing, fat-burning message!

On the HCG Diet program at The Natural Path we work to shift the metabolic framework to keep insulin levels optimal via the diet and to also increase IGF-1 to keep fat burning alive and to keep our lean mass strong!

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