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Keeping Metabolism Strong After the HCG Diet

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hcg diet portlandAfter the HCG Diet Program that we facilitate at The Natural Path, we spend a great deal of time with our patients through phase III helping prepare them for a conscious, non-deprivational and functional way to eat for the future.  Along with a specific eating program, it is crucial that patients learn to understand metabolism and do things daily to keep the burn strong.  After losing weight, the metabolism will naturally slow down.  If you lose weight by cutting calories and losing your lean muscle you will clearly do destruction on metabolism.  Luckily, the HCG Diet spares lean muscle when it comes to weight loss. We use our state of the art body composition scan to be sure that our patients are losing weight from fat stores and not lean muscle mass.


Pre-Historic Genetics Playing a Role after we lose Weight with the HCG Diet or any Weight Loss Program

The reason we spend so much time emphasizing phase III or the 3 weeks after the “HCG phase” of the HCG Diet is that we know physiology will want to put some of the fat stores back on.  This is due to our pre-historic genetics that want the body to hold on to fat stores if they are being lost.  This design was put in place to protect our survival back in the days when food was scarce.  The body’s genetic design has not caught on to the fact that we have grocery stores on nearly every corner that are lined from floor to ceiling with food or shall we call most of it “food like products.”


It may seem like our genetics is working against us as we lose weight and in some ways that is true.  Many systems slow down when patients lose 5-10% of body weight.


A Few Simple Things to do Daily to Boost Metabolism After the HCG Diet

Get on your feet multiple times per day and take a short walk, reach up and stretch.  Set a timer and walk and move for 10 minutes every hour.  Yes, that is a committment but it is what you rbody needs to keep the engine revved. Amp up your exercise!  Get some high intensity impact training into your routine.  Shorter, harder bursts of exercise can increase energy in the mitochondria of cells and has been shown to make the body burn a considerable amount of calories.  According to a Sports Nutrition Journal if you drink your coffee 60 minutes before exercise you will burn up to 15% more calories.  Stay calm!  Stress causes the mitichondria of our cells to lower the metabolic rate.  Schedule down time daily to do something that you love and enjoy!  Protein … go for clean, lean protein to keep you satiated.  If you are consuming a lot of animal protein, be sure you are balancing it out with lots of leafy greens to keep the pH of the body from being too acidic.


Have fun, Smile and remember that what is at the end of your fork is your best medicine.  Ask yourself before you eat … will this nourish me or poison me???  Make the best choice!

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