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What Kind of Calories do you Want to put in Your Body?

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HCG Diet PortlandWell, if you ask me … I would tell you that I prefer my calories to be as unprocessed as possible and to consist of mainly clean protein sources, lots of organic vegetables, healthy fats from avocado, nuts and coconut oil and a piece of fruit here and there.  For me … this is a great way to eat that leaves me feeling clean, healthy and alive.  Of course, everyone will have some modifications of this diet that will work best for them.


After the HCG Diet program at The Natural Path, we like to talk with our patients about a maintenance diet that will work for them 80-90% of the time in their lives.  This way … they have a plan and also have some room to go out and celebrate with food.  After all, if we are too rigid we can often set ourselves up for failure.




Food is extremely addictive for many  of us these days.  It has incredible, sensual and emotional power.  For many, these culinary desires are stronger than our minds.  You cannot give food power … you must take control and decide to put the healthy choices in your body.  That piece of pizza that you are craving is certainly not going to put a whole lot of nutrients into your body … so, why choose that when you could go for the salad sitting in your fridge.


Stay strong with your mental will power for some time.  If you can devote 8-12 weeks of making your mind the “food police” it will become a habit.  This is one of the most amazing parts of being human — we have an incredible ability to change if we put the work in.  I have seen this in my clinical practice over and over.  In fact, this is one of the reasons that I believe the HCG Diet works so well. It is practiced for many weeks and then eating healthy almost becomes 2nd nature.


Tips for Keeping Nutrient Dense, Healthy Food the Main part of Your Diet


First of all, do not even buy junk food.  Honestly, the most processed types of food we really need to have around are organic, cold pressed oils and nut/seed butters. Otherwise, keep clean, lean proteins around such as any organic meats, organic Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, high quality protein powders, organic eggs, etc.  Keep plenty of chopped celery, carrots, cucumber, etc in your fridge so you can grab them and go.  Cut up apples and sprinkle cinnamon on them for a light snack.  Go for some organic, raw nuts and keep it to only one serving (it is very easy to over do the nuts).  Make healthy food options your main grub!


Another tip is to keep your mind in check.  Do not go grocery shopping hungry.  Talk yourself out of eating food devoid of any nutrients.  Keep your mind as the food police and do not let your guard down.  I promise this will pay off!


The main tip is to be prepared.  I like to grill chicken breast every Sunday and then to make a giant salad and put them in containers. I will eat this through out the first half of the week whenever I am hungry.  It works really well to have things on hand.  In time, you will no longer even crave junk food at all.  In fact, you might even eat some and just not feel great after it makes it way to your stomach.

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