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I Love Digestive Enzymes for Phase III of HCG Diet

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hcg diet portland

Digestive enzymes really help me keep my digestion functioning optimally. I love all the things that I learned through the HCG Diet protocol.

It is true! In my own life, digestive enzyme support is an asset to me.  If I feel “full” or “bloated” as I do when I eat some foods, a high quality digestive enzyme formula always helps me out.  Ideally, you should take them 15 minutes or so before a meal but, they even work for me if I feel any symptoms creeping in.  I recommend digestive enzyme support to my HCG Diet patients who are making their transition in to Phase 3.  As you begin to add more food into your diet and incorporate fats back in a little digestive support can be quite welcome!


How Do Digestive Enzymes Work in the Body


Digestive enzymes work to support your body in breaking down the macro nutrients in food. This supplement can help the body to maximize the valuable nutrition in the foods that we have in our diet.  Our bodies naturally produce enzymes … however, age, lifestyle, etc can decrease enzyme production.  In my experience, after doing a cleanse or phase II of the HCG Diet, it is nice to give the body an enzymatic boost as you begin to increase your food intake.  After a week or so, the body often “remembers” what to do and will pick enzyme production back up.


There are a few families of enzymes that are generally incorporated into one supplement. Proteases are the enzymes that hep with protein break down. Amylase helps with carb/starch metabolism and lipases assist with fat breakdown.  A comprehensive digestive enzyme formula will have enzymes within each family that can function at different pH levels in the gastrointestinal tract. I also like formulas with bromelain and papain which provide additional protein breakdown support.


Why do We Need Good Digestive Enzyme Support


In my opinion, digestive health lays a strong foundation for the health of the rest of the body.  Our digestive system is a primary part of our immune system and is in charge of how we digest, absorb and assimilate all of the nutrients in our food.   Optimal digestive function is the first critical step for the body to absorb and subsequently utilize, vital nutrition. It is a crucial factor in overall health and wellness.


In my practice, I find digestive enzymes to be one of the most useful supplements that I can prescribe to my patients.  Again, they are super helpful for phase III of the HCG Diet as you begin to incorporate more food into your plan.

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