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Making Living Healthy A Lifestyle and a Long Term Commitment

October 3, 2016 By

The First Steps to a Healthier YOU long term is the C word ... COMMITMENT!
The First Steps to a Healthier YOU long term is the C word … COMMITMENT!

Making Healthy Changes Takes Commitment


Day after day, I help patients lose weight, feel healthier, more confidant and happy in their bodies. The HCG Diet might be a jump start that many patients need for weight loss. However, in order for the weight to stay off and for the body to achieve a higher level of overall health, it takes a full on commitment  … a commitment to your health, to your body and ultimately  to yourself!  The pay off is huge … I promise.

As a Naturopathic physician with a focus on healthy body composition, I routinely see patient who have been burdened with significant limitations due to acute/chronic disease and a myriad of health issues.  In many cases, it is clear that these health problems could have been prevented with healthier habits and patterns in life.   Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine once said, “The function of protecting and developing health must rank even above that of restoring it when it is impaired”.

According to the world health organization, if the major risk factors that contribute to chronic disease could be eliminated, then 80% (yes, that says eighty percent) of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke could be prevented along with over 40% of cancers.  Do you know how preventable these diseases actually can be?  With changes in our health behaviors we can make this happen.  Simple changes such as getting more physical activity, enjoying a healthy diet, reducing stress and limiting alcohol and tobacco use  (single most avoidable cause of disease) are key players.  It is never too late to start  my friends.  With these lifestyle changes, you can make your health and your LIFE better in both the short and long term.



  • Make a plan with long and short-term goals; decorate it, add pictures, make it motivating
  • Write down your goals and review them often; I would suggest reading them aloud to yourself daily
  • Make little changes one at a time; sometimes big changes end up in failure and we want success — even if it is the long road
  • Once a small change has become routine, add another one and so on
  • Gather support from family and friends. This can help you to be accountable
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive and who believe in you.
  • Ask for help … find a personal trainer or a diet/lifestyle coach to help keep you on track and accountable. This is $$ well spent.
  • Find apps and other tools to track your progress and keep you motivated.


Try Making Your Commitment to Living a More Vibrant and Healthy Life NOW

Tune the Frequency of Your Mind to a Positive Channel

The first step does not take any physical activity at all.  It is all about focusing the lens of your mind to be in alignment with your goals. Our minds are powerful …. you have the power to change your life by changing thoughts and beliefs in many cases.   We all have the ability to choose our goals, execute them and create the lives we want to.  The hardest part is simply believing that you can.  Once you begin to watch your mind, you can observe how your emotions and behaviors affect your life and your health.  We feed our bellies, BUT we also can feed our feelings with our thoughts.  I have always found journaling to be a great tool as well as positive affirmations, guided imagery and positive beliefs about ourselves.

Goals!  Set Goals that are Attainable and Maintainable!

What is your vision of the ultimate YOU!?   Write it down in detail.  What will it take to get there?  Set short term and long term goals and create a plan to achieve them.  YOU can do it.  It might take some time but, believe in yourself and stay committed!  Reward yourself in ways that do not involve sugar or decadent food. Go for a massage, pedicure or something you have been wanting for a while.  Keep reaffirming your goals and your belief in yourself.

Some of you may be getting into the groove of a new daily exercise regimen or learning new healthy recipes to cook for you and your family — setting specific, realistic goals will help you see the progress you’re making and keep you motivated.

Support!  Find Family and Friends to Back you Up!

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own success. However, having friends and family who are there to support you and hold you accountable are important motivators.  I encourage you to share your goals and how you’re planning to accomplish them. Let them know what your doing and what steps you have made.  Let them know how important it is to you to have their support.  I bet you will end up motivating someone else too!  Celebrate with these great friends too when you reach a step on your journey.

Choices — Make the Best Ones for your Health!

Choices, choices, choices … it all comes down to that split second when you can go for something that will nourish you or something that will not.  I encourage my patients to stock the fridge and cabinets with choices that are in line with your goals.   I also recommend meal planning and food prep to keep you in line. When hunger strikes, you want to have some clean, lean proteins and veggies available to snack on!  Also, choose to exercise … even if you do not feel like it … no excuses here … just do it!

Get Moving! Our Bodies Were Made for Moving!

Exercise is the BEST way to burn calories and to keep our bodies metabolically strong.  I’m a huge fan of high intensity interval training and cross training because it simultaneously improves mobility, strength, and stamina. If exercise has not been a big part of your life, take it slow.  Make the Commitment to enjoy exercise 5 days per week.  Go for a walk, take a bike ride, do some gentle yoga.  Best of all, hire a personal trainer to help you and keep you accountable.  Get your workouts in your calendar and make it your most important appointment of the day.

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