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Letting the HCG Diet mark the end of dieting
Letting the HCG Diet mark the end of dieting

The HCG weight loss protocol can be the END of Dieting! 

I find this to be the case for most of our HCG Diet patients.  Knowledge is power and when given the information about what certain foods provide or do not provide for your body will help you to make informed choices.
Most diets really do not work for the long term and they are not very good for our health.  In fact, the number of people who lose weight and keep it off for over 2 years is less than 2 in 100 people … 2%!
 This may seem like an ironic statement to find at the beginning of an HCG weight loss program, however, we really believe that this program can be your “end of dieting.”
The HCG Diet program is a springboard to weight loss that is clinically proven to be effective and safe while keeping metabolism strong. On our body composition analysis with patients before and after the HCG Diet program we can see that most all of the weight loss comes from fat stores and not lean mass.
Our mission through this HCG Diet process is to help you LEARN how and why to choose certain foods and let go of others.  We want to inspire and motivate you and encourage you to study and learn on your own as well.   While weight loss is important it is not the main goal of this program. In the end, we hope that you can apply what you learn through this process to your life and create new, healthy habits and behaviors that will eventually become effortless. You will be in control of your health!
We all deserve to have health and wellness in our lives.  It does take some effort on your part. If you go down the road of eating the standard American diet and living the modern sedentary life you WILL most likely be a part of the exploding epidemic of heart attack, cancer, stroke and diabetes.  The standard American diet is killing the health of our nation. Instead of providing us with the basics of good health it is paving the path where chronic disease is almost becoming inevitable for most people.


  • Being overweight and having a diet high in simple carbs and sugar is the primary cause of diabetes type 2.
  • Obesity accelerates atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) and heart disease.
  • It is predicted that within a few years, obesity will take the lead as primary cause of death in the United States.
  • 475 million people in the world suffer from obesity and this number has doubled since 1980. The number of overweight adults is close to 1 billion and the number of overweight school aged children is about 200 million. That is nearly 1.7 billion people.
  • According to the NIH, two thirds of the American people are overweight.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THE STATSISTICS – use the HCG Diet to lose weight and LEARN!

What I feel is the golden ticket to this lasting change in dietary hygiene is INFORMATION!  You deserve to be informed and to seek out information that will teach you WHY it is so important to feed your body nutrient rich food over the processed junk that soothes your taste buds, fills empty feelings and feeds the food addictions.
The road to changing these addictive, emotional, social and behavioral patterns is not easy but, it is possible and it is worth it.  YOU FEELING GOOD!  THAT IS WORTH IT!  With foods that have high nutritional content you can put your food addictions to an end.  It might take some time and some old fashion human grit … but, YOU CAN DO IT.  Lets let go of eating things that you know will not nourish your body!  WE BELIEVE IN YOU! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN! COME ON!  It is our pledge to help you achieve the level of wellness and dietary control that you deserve.
Diet has the power to prevent and reverse disease and dictate how you feel on a day to day basis. Diet is powerful and we are in control!  Food preferences can be learned and can be changed! The body is a self-healing machine when given proper nutrition and balance.
A diet high in nutrients can begin to reduce your cravings for “junk” food. Within just a couple of weeks, you will notice your taste buds and food preferences begin to change.  You will most likely not even crave the foods you never thought you could live without.  The result can be lasting, permanent weight loss and optimal wellness.
Lets work together to make this the end of your dieting career!  Remember … anything you do temporarily will leave you with temporary results.
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