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My 90 lbs Weight Loss Journey with the HCG DIET

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HCG DIET weight lossIn 2023, I began my weight loss journey with Dr. Cara at The Natural Path! By far, this was the most transformative experience of my life.  I am writing this with immense gratitude for Dr. Cara Phillipo and her HCG Diet Program!  I stepped into her office on April 17th, 2023, and she lit me up with inspiration and truly set me on fire with motivation. She made ME BELIEVE IN ME! SHE MADE ME FEEL I COULD REACH MY GOALS! For the first time, I believed I could be one of those healthy people walking around with a healthy body composition. This belief was the spark of my lifetime!

The HCG DIET Weight Loss Process 

Of course, this was not EASY!  I had to transform my relationship with my body and food.  Dr. Cara showed up for me like no one had ever shown up for me before.  I felt supported.  She continued to remind me that I could release the old beliefs that I held about myself and create new ones!  I worked on this EVERY DAY, and I worked hard on myself one day at a time. I learned to stop comforting myself with chips, ice cream, and sweet teas.  I learned to stop sabotaging my body. I learned to love the freshness and the beauty of vegetables. I learned to love the simple flavors of seafood, poultry, and other meats. I learned to love the creativity that could be had in designing a salad.  I learned to LOVE myself and treat my body like a temple.

I went from being embarrassed to be seen in public to being PROUD! I went from not being willing to be seen in a gym at my weight to being the girl in the hot pink leggings working hard and happy to be seen.  I cannot even tell you what self-confidence can do for your life. I never had any until the last year. I went from a size 18 to a size 6! I went from depressed to HAPPY!  I went from seeing the glass as half empty to half full!

Maintaining my Weight Loss Post HCG Diet

It has been ONE year since I began the journey with weight loss, and you know what … I have kept off every single pound.  My body composition is now more favorable than it was one year ago, thanks to resistance training and exercise.  I have lost 7 lbs more fat and gained 5 lbs more muscle.

The HCG Diet process and Dr. Cara Phillipo are a fantastic combination. I probably could not have done this without both of those key players.

With Summer on the horizon, I look at what I am grateful for. I look at my life now and at what it was only 1 year ago, and it is almost a pure miracle. I am so grateful to you, Dr. Cara!
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