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Preparing to Begin the HCG Diet Program

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 So, you have decided to take the plunge and make the commitment to the HCG Diet protocol!  Nice job! I am almost sure you will love the results that come from this program.  Before you begin, there are a few things to do that I think make the transition into the program quite simple.  Learning about the program is extremely important.  This way, you can decide if the program is something that you would like to try.  We send our HCG Diet Manual to each and every  perspective new patient to review before making the decision to schedule an appointment. I also recommend patients learn about other people’s experiences with the program in person or online.  Knowledge is power!!


Your Initial Visit for the HCG Diet

At the time of your first office visit, we ask that you come prepared by bringing in your HCG Diet medical history and consent form filled out.  This way, we can look at your medical history to be sure the program is a good fit for you.   We must be sure you have excess fat stores to burn. If you do not, the program simply will not work for you and you will find yourself hungry.  At The Natural Path, we always put our patients on our state of the art “InBody” body composition scanner to be sure that they have excess weight to lose.  Blood work is another nice thing to have when you come to your first visit.  If you have not recent blood work and we feel it is needed, we will recommend a blood panel be done prior to starting the HCG Diet program.  At the first visit, we also go over the program in detail and do a practice injection (with sterile water) to be sure that you feel comfortable giving yourself injections before you leave our office. For those that are needle shy, we can have a compounding pharmacy create a lozenge form of Rx HCG. We also do some physical examinations if we feel they are necessary.


In Preparation for the HCG Diet


As things begin to get underway with the HCG Diet, it is time to gather all of the supplies that you will need. I recommend taking the shopping list on pages 34 and 35 of the HCG Diet Manual by Dr. Cara Phillipo N.D. to the store and gathering all of the food and beverage supplies you will need.  We also recommend that you have a food scale, bathroom scale, tape measure, oil-free or mineral oil based body care products, alcohol pads for injections and epsom salts for baths.  You will also need a positive “I can” attitude and some motivation and inspiration to carry you through to a lighter, healthier YOU! Be sure to weigh, measure and photograph yourself before you begin …. and have fun, smile and enjoy the process!

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