Recovering from an HCG DIET Cheat

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In a perfect world,  you would get through the HCG Diet without one cheat or one stall and the scale would continually show weight loss on a day to day basis.  Unfortunately, this never happens.  Stalling on the HCG Diet is 100% normal in most cases and cheating happens sometimes. Welcome to being human.

Of course, the best case scenario is not to cheat at all on your HCG Diet program or cheat a bit here and there from the phase 2 vegetable list.  Weaknesses happen!  If you do end up cheating the most important thing to do is to hit the RESET button and recommit to your program.  Feeling guilty also isn’t very helpful in these situations.

What to Expect  After a Cheat on the HCG Diet Program

Expect the scale to go up a lb or to at least stall for 2-3 days!  The heaviest consequence that comes from an HCG Diet cheat will be weight gain.  Don’t panic or get down about it.  Just keep your mind dialed in and move forward. Believe in yourself.  The diet is not ruined … it is simply slowed down.  Learn from the experience and practice a deeper level of self-control if the urge to cheat should happen again.

Tips and Tricks After an HCG Diet Cheat

Drink water! The weight gain that can come post-cheat on the HCG Diet is not necessarily a fat gain. In most cases, it is most likely water retention.   Stay hydrated after a cheat!  I have seen this help clinically with my patients on the HCG Diet.

Stay on Track!  For some, cheating can become a snowball experience which leads to further cheating.  This is never good and often leads to a longer stall and can really be disappointing.

Do not cut calories on the HCG Diet program.  After a cheat, some patients are tempted to “correct” it and begin skipping meals.  We do not want you to become protein/vitamin/mineral deficient on the program and recommend having at least your 2 servings of protein and vegetable each and every day on phase 2.


Cheats happen to the best of us!  It is very important not to let one mistake ruin the entire HCG Diet program for you. Recommit, stay positive and continue the protocol. Learn something from your mistake … most often we learn that the momentary satisfaction of cheating is certainly not worth the climb back up the mountain to resume weight loss once again

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