HCG Diet for Cleansing and Fast Weight Loss

Resetting your Weight with the HCG Diet this New Year!

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The HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path is a Perfect Kick Start to Healthy Habits and Patterns


This is the time of year when our HCG Diet Program seems to help many patients kick start their New Years resolution to lose weight and reset eating patterns.  For many, another round of the HCG Diet is just a deepening of  learning about their individual relationship with food and what it looks and feels like to eat a clean diet of whole foods for a number of weeks.  What happens for my patients through this process is unbelievably profound and as a physician, the transformations that happen truly touch my heart and soul.  I love to see people feel good in their bodies. I love to see people feeling empowered in their lives. I love helping people to stay inspired and tuned into optimal health.  I love to see lab values move out of the dangerous zone and I love teaching people and showing them another way!

If you were anything like me you might read about the HCG Diet protocol and think it sounds a little bit ridiculous. I sure did. In fact, for 2 years I was closed minded to the idea of it and referred my inquiring patients else where. After seeing consistent and quite amazing results in many who had done the program, I began to cultivate curiosity.  I found my patients who had done the HCG Diet program  had lasting weight loss and reversed many health conditions. I was amazed!  I never thought that I would be the one to have led over a thousand people successfully through this program and evolved the protocol on my own to meet modern day!  It has become one of my greatest passions!


The Ultimate Goal with the HCG Diet is to Feel Great in Your Own Skin


For many patients, the number on the scale can determine how they feel about themselves on a deep level.   As soon as I meet a patient for the first time, I feel it is important to allow them to see they are so much more than that number on the scale.  Over time, as my patients step on the scale, they learn to see the number as information and to let go of the emotions that become so deeply entwined.  We like to help our patients to unsubscribe from the societal pull to look a certain way and to tune in to how the “feel” in their skin.  I alsways ask my patients how it would feel to be at an optimal weight for them … that feeling is what we are after and what I ask them to focus on.  As the weight begins to come off, inflammation goes down, high blood pressure often normalizes, cholesterol levels normalize, insulin becomes more sensitive, sleep gets better, energy rises, self-confidence expands and health in general begins to improve!  I have received hundreds of thank you cards through the years from my patients. At their “last” visit there are often tears of joy and I get to share in that. It’s amazing!


Learning to Cook and Eat with “Real” Food is a Perk of the HCG Diet

On the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path, you will learn to cook and prepare meals using clean, lean proteins, vegetables and fruits.  I even have a vegetarian and vegan protocol!    The first part of the HCG Diet protocol can last anywhere from 3-6 + weeks and this is the amount of time needed to change habits and begin creating a lifestyle.  In my eyes, this length of time is part of the true benefit of the HCG Diet program.  Our patients learn incredible skills related to how they nourish themselves and most will carry this knowledge with them far off into the future.  It is not uncommon for our patients to tell us that their lives are forever changed after the HCG Diet Program.



** The HCG Diet is not FDA approved for weight loss.

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