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Staying on the HCG Diet Protocol Through the Holidays

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hcg diet holidaysYou made a choice to jump on board the HCG Diet protocol this holiday season. All in all in the big picture this was a healthy choice!  The holidays may be full of food that has an art with temptation but honestly most holiday foods in the end just create inflammation in our body.  We live for pleasure and food is such a easy source of pleasure!  The holidays present a unique challenge to those on any weight loss program, but especially the HCG weight loss program. Holiday parties almost always include a lot of food. If you’re currently on HCG, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to make it through these festive times without gaining weight.

You can still have a good time and stick to your diet. Check out a few practical tips that will help you stay true to your weight loss commitment!

Holiday HCG Diet Tips

Drink a protein shake before you leave the house; then you won’t be so hungry no matter how long before they serve the food, and you won’t eat everything in sight. If you need to bring a dish to pass, make sure it’s healthy and something you can eat. If the get-together is at a party house or restaurant, try to make the best choices you can, sticking to protein and veggies and skipping the carbs. Remember, you will not be doing this every night, so one night a little off your diet won’t set you back too much, but try not to overeat.

Don’t forget to weigh yourself every day so you can see how you’re doing. If your weight goes up more than 2 pounds, do a “shake day” – a scoop of the Isagenix shake in the morning with one scoop of whey, the same for lunch, and then a normal dinner.

Holiday HCG Diet Drinking Tips

If you decide that you are going to have alcohol, then give up your fruits (including tomatoes) for the day. Drink plenty of water. For every alcoholic drink, you should drink 2 glasses of water. Wine and vodka are the better choices for alcohol.

Remember, you’re allowed to relax and enjoy the holidays even while on the HCG weight loss program!

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