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The Benefits of the HCG Diet Protocol go far Beyond Weight Loss

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I love what I do in my private medical practice!  I help people transform into the most amazing versions of themselves!  I get the privilege of being witness to this process and I leave my office most days just on top of the world!

Many of my patients come to me wanting to lose weight.   They have tried “everything” with very little to no success. I have an incredible track record over the last decade of really being able to guide patients through a very successful weight loss program and lifestyle transformation through the HCG Diet process.  I feel like the HCG Diet program is just a path that creates an opening for transformation on a very grand scale.

Beyond Weight Loss on the HCG Diet Protocol

 The weight loss that happens on the HCG Diet is a wonderful side effect of the process. In my opinion, it is the habits and patterns that get reset that take people far into a healthier future.  The habits and patterns that get reset happen in the conscious mind, but also on a deeper physiological level, especially with blood sugar and insulin (the fat storage hormone).  The length of time that my patients spend on the HCG Diet protocol is also a very important piece.  Time is an important ingredient when we are trying to institute lifestyle changes.  I truly believe the science that says it takes 90 days to really make something a lifestyle.

Physical and Mental Changes on the HCG Diet Protocol.

The body is absolutely amazing in the way that it can be resilient and adapt to new ways of eating and living. I find that after the HCG Diet protocol, my patients experience what I call “appetite correction.”  I find they look forward to healthier fare and less of it.  There is a freedom from food that begins to happen.  Many of my patients often feel compelled to start exercising.  They begin to sleep better. They begin de-cluttering their home. They notice joint pain and skin issues go away as inflammation begins to leave the body.

The changes on the HCG Diet may take months to experience and it is truly worth every step of the way.  There will be challenges as you begin to change your diet and lifestyle and the only way out of them is though it.  They never last long and you hardly remember them once you get deeper into the program.

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