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The Detrimental and Addictive Power of Sugar

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HCG Diet PortlandWhen it comes to sugar today there are SO many different kinds. The more NATURAL form of sugar is found in fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. In the end, almost all sugars are broken down into glucose.  When it comes to weight gain, natural sugars can surely be a culprit for increased blood sugar and insulin levels which lead to fat storage.  However, foods with natural forms of sugar are rich in nutrients!  Processed sugar does not have anything beneficial to offer our bodies and therefore we should steer clear of it!  The amazing thing about our HCG Diet program at The Natural Path is that we find when sugar is eliminated from the diet for 3-6 weeks the cravings and desire to eat it will disappear!

The Downside of Processed Sugar

Processed sugar is extracted from sugarcane or sugar beet, and is  known as sucrose (fructose and glucose). This is the stuf used in cakes, cookies, cereal, and beverages. Processed sugar is also hidden in foods that you may not consider high in sugar such as condiments, sauces, sports drinks, and packaged prepared foods. Unfortunately, foods high in processed sugar have basically no nutritional value and create large spikes in blood sugar and this wreaks havoc on the body over time.

It has become mainstream knowledge that eating a diet high in sugar is linked to an increased risk of diabetes, as well as, accelrated aging, weight gain and cardiovascular issues.

The Brain Does Need Sugar

Did you know that our brain uses half of our energy supply?

The braindoes require glucose forits function. Neurons cannot store energy and therefore need a continuous supply of fuel from the bloodstream. Your ability to think, learn and recall information is closely associated with your glucose levels.  We all can relate to having low blood sugar and feeling that our ability to think clearly is inhibited.

What Happens to the Brain When you Consume Processed Sugar?

There are many clinical trials that have studyied the effects of sugar on the brain.

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition there was a study published with 70,000 women. The study showed that thosw with a diet high in processed sugar had a significantly higher incidence of depression.  A diet high in natural sugar was not found to correlate with a higher risk of depression. Higher processed sugar diet patients often display poorer mental perfomance in comparison to those with a cleaner diet.

Consuming sugar has also been shown to prevent you from feeling full.  Due to this, higher sugar diets are associated with weight gain. Although, we all know that sugar also brings about insulin which tells the body to store fat.

The Addictive Power of Sugar

Animal and human studies both show that sugar addiction has similarities to drug addiction. Sugar can activeate the pleasure centers of the brain in a similar way that drugs like cocaine and morphine activate the brain.  A study done in 2013 shows that rats responded to cocaine in the same way that they responded to Oreo cookies.

Beyond the brain, processed sugar damages our body over time. We would all do better with being educated on foods containing processed sugars and avoiding them as much as we can!

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