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The HCG Diet Program and Type II Diabetes

September 1, 2016 By

The HCG Diet Program Helps Type II Diabetes

I have seen Diabetes type II turn around with the HCG Diet Protocol
I have seen Diabetes type II turn around with the HCG Diet Protocol

Diabetes is an Epidemic on Steadily on the Rise

It amazes me that nearly 30 million Americans have type II diabetes according to the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  On top of this whopping statistic, nearly 80 million Americans have pre-diabetes.  This is a condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. In most cases, pre-diabetics end up to be diabetics quite quickly. The only good thing about this diagnosis is that with some education, will and determination it can be reversed. This is something I have witnessed in my own practice over and over. Most all of the type II diabetic patients that I have led through the HCG Diet protocol will reverse the disease process with less than 1 years time.

There are many high quality, recent studies that portray a direct link between obesity and type II diabetes.  It is heart breaking to me that the diagnosis of type II diabetes is increasing at a steady pace in our children and adolescents.


With type II diabetes, the patient produces insulin from the pancreas in response to a rise in blood sugar. However, for many complex metabolic and cellular reasons, the cells become less responsive to the insulin and it becomes harder to get the blood sugar into cells. This keeps the blood sugar levels higher in the blood stream.  Having a higher blood sugar level in the blood stream is detrimental to many cellular functions over time and also elicits the release of insulin and cortisol which tell the body to store fat.

How Can the HCG Diet Help Reverse this Process Over Time?

The HCG Diet has a positive impact on blood sugar stabilization. Over time, with weight loss, blood sugar stabilization, proper dietary habits and non-negotiable exercise habits, these patients turn this disease process around. We help coach them every step of the way.  Their lives change for the better all around. This does not happen overnight but you will be amazed at what a commitment of 6 months to 1 year can do for this deadly disease.


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