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Jump Start your WEIGHT LOSS with the HCG DIET!

Seven Simple Tips for Getting Weight Loss Rolling!

Many of my patients come into my office with lots of weight to lose.  They often feel defeated at the thought of this arduous task.  For many, they believe this can only happen with a ridiculous low calorie diet and long cardio sessions at the gym.  I find that often times, patients have these unrealistic ideas of what the road to weight loss looks like and it is these daunting thoughts that keep them glued to their current patterns.  Trading in these thought forms for the BELIEF that losing weight can be mindfully attainable and even enjoyable is the first step!


With the HCG Diet and weight loss journey offered at The Natural Path, I often feel that shedding pounds is a side effect and the cleansing , detoxification, decrease in inflammation and overall healing that the body is going through is the highlight!  Your body will be working heard through this process to access and utilize stored fat, clear out your cellular debris, detoxify your organs and improve your overall health and well-being!



SLOW DOWN with your food

As we eat, our digestive system is constantly sending messages to our brain to help register our sense of fullness.  This message can take a few minutes to be communicated to the brain.  If we consume our food too quickly, the message that we are full is often received long after the moment has passed.  If you had been eating slower, you may have gotten the message 5 minutes ago!  Overeating is what happens when we eat too quickly.  Then, you are stuck in that state of feeling too full and sluggishness sets in.

Eating slower and chewing food thoroughly gives your digestive system enough time to tell your brain exactly when you need to stop eating. This is a  pretty simple task and it can surely help you to avoid  the extra mouthfuls of food that your body doesn’t need.


PROTEIN … get some more!

It is a known fact that protein helps us to feel satisfied for greater periods of time.  Try having some protein with each meal.  If you can let go of any flour and sugar products and replace them with protein you can most likely get from one meal to the next without a blood sugar crash.


WATER … hydration is key!

Staying hydrated is a crucial component for weight loss. Hunger and thirst are often interchangeable in the body and the brain can interpret the thirsty signal as a sensation of hunger. If you experience hunger, try consuming 12-16 ounces of water and waiting about 5 minutes.  Ask yourself after some time has passed if you still have that same sensation of hunger!


Stress … take it down a notch!

When you’re under stress, the body sends out cortisol. When it comes to maintaining weight, cortisol is not helpful!  The fight or flight mode is designed to keep us safe; however, if you are constantly in a state of stress, the constant cortisol push can cause weight gain.

Some level of stress in our modern busy life style is unavoidable.  However, lowering stress can reduce cortisol which can assist with weight loss lead to weight loss without you having to change a single thing to your diet.



We cannot be in a healthy body without moving it. Our bodies were meant to move and our muscles like to work … this is the human design!  Exercise needs to be “non-negotiable” on some level. Make it a priority!


Sleep … get your zzzz’s!

Weight loss is often more hormonally dependent than it is calories in/calories out!  Leptin and Ghrelin are two hormones that regulate our appetite.  Sleep helps to keep these two hormonal players in check. When we have a lack of sleep, leptin levels can be down regulated. Leptin is important to tell the body when it feels full.  We all know how carbohydrate rich food seems to sound more appealing when we are tired.


Let the SUGAR go …

Sugar and simple carbs are the culprits for creating fat on our bodies.  Make the decision to cut sugar products our of your diet once and for all!  This may be hard for the first couple of weeks but, I assure you it gets easier with time and you will feel so much better!  Replace the sugar with nutrient rich food!


Getting the Weight Loss Plan Rolling!


You can do this!  The HCG Diet is a great way to help you jump start weight loss and reset habits and patterns.  If you need a structured approach to weight loss and the knowledge to help you keep it off give us a call. We are happy to help you on your journey and make this the End of Dieting

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