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Are you “SKINNY FAT”?

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It always surprises me when someone walks through the door to begin the HCG Diet and upon my visual inspection I am not sure they are a good candidate for the program. In order for the HCG Diet protocol to work effectively, there needs to be enough abnormal fat stores to burn.  The first thing I do when a “skinny” person comes to me to lose weight is put them on our In Body body composition analyzer.  Often times, I find the “skinny” person in front of me has plenty of abnormal fat stores to burn, as well as, some lean mass to gain.  The term that has been coined in these cases is “skinny fat.”

Being “Skinny” does not Always Mean Healthy

The term ” skinny fat” refers to someone whose weight and BMI are in a normal range for that persons specific height.  However, on detailed body composition analysis, this person has a higher than normal fat percentage and a less than normal lean mass.  Many assume if weight and BMI are normal then they are in a healthy range.  It is important to look at the composition that makes up the number on the scale. I often see patients who appear skinny and then on body composition analysis we learn that they have 20 lbs of fat to lose and 10 lbs of lean mass to gain.

The Numbers on the Scale don’t tell the Whole Story

The scale shows a number and this is your body mass relationship with gravity. What is behind the number is more important. I like to see a healthy amount of lean mass along with a healthy amount of fat mass. We do body composition analysis with all of our HCG Diet patients at the start and end of the HCG Diet program. It is always helpful to see where the work lies on getting to a healthy body composition. It is also amazing to see how the majority of weight loss on the HCG Diet protocol comes from fat stores and not lean mass.

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