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Give 100% to the way you want to treat your body ! Stay Strong!

Change Your Attitude towards Food or your “Fooditude” 

When I first meet with my HCG Diet patients, they often have strong goals of finding better eating habits, improving diet and losing weight.  The first thing I ask patients to do is to dig deep and be sure the motivation and inspiration to make (lasting) change is there!  This process takes an “i can attitude” from the start!  Visualize a realistic picture of yourself where you want to be. You can even find a picture of yourself with some quotes that inspire you and make your own vision board. The brain really does love pictures!  Believe in this vision!  It will be your motivation!


Diet simply means what you eat!  You can eat a healthy diet, a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet, a paleo diet, etc.  Diet does NOT need to mean “deprivation.”  For most people, you do not need to fully deprive yourself of foods you enjoy (unless it is a strong addiction).  What needs to take place is a change in your attitude with food to one of self control. This is one of the pieces that I focus on as my patients transition out of the HCG Diet program into “real life.”  You do not have to say to yourself, ” I will never eat chocolate!”  Instead, you would say “I can eat chocolate every once in a while.”
We live in a world where food is in an incredible over abundance. Therefore, we need to establish a set of personal rules to live by in the food department. This is the key to making a long term solution with your diet to maintain your health and your weight. You might call this WILL POWER or the power that YOU have over your behaviors!  Using our will power is not about self punishment, it is about self-control.  It is working for you to keep the bigger picture or the long term plan for a healthy body in check.

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to making lasting changes … self control is the key!  This might take some practice and a lot of mind control at first!  Just remember YOU are in charge of your own behaviors. You do not need to act on every little craving or thought that your mind sends out.  That is most likely what got you where you are in the first place!  The more you practice thinking positive about the foods you choose and loving healthy foods as they nourish you on a cellular level the closer you will get to your goals.  The approach can be one of joy and not dismal deprivation.  When my HCG Diet patients come in and their immediate response to the program is one of deprivation I first begin on “fooditude.”
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