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A Day in the Life as an HCG Diet Doctor

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It is such an honor to watch our patients transform to feel their best through the HCG Diet protocol at The Natural Path

We truly love what we do at The Natural Path. We help patients lose weight via the HCG diet.  We also help patients optimize hormone levels with bio identical hormone replacement therapies.  We also love to help patients with sexual wellness and practice aesthetic medicien as well.  We have a full schedule these days and we just love helping patients to feel there best.  My job as a facilitator of the HCG Diet program is truly rewarding!

Well, it is nearly 7 pm and my last patient just walked out the door.  I am sitting at my desk feeling fulfilled.  I saw 14 amazing patients today!  Each one brought something to my day that made me simply feel good inside.  My personal practice in medicine has evolved to specialize in weight loss and weight maintenance. I put patients through a medically supervised HCG Diet and weight loss program and inspire them to learn a great deal about their personal relationship with food in the process. I watch them undo old habits and patterns, I get to see so many “ah ha” moments that they can hardly wait to share with me.  I get to see them inspired and motivated and feeling so good about doing something positive for themselves.


In the next room, my amazing husband Dr. Robert Madda N.D. is helping his patients to optimize their hormone levels.  They return to our office with a whole new vigor for life.  They feel better, have more energy, learn to eat better and exercise more, they have improved sexual health and therefore more fulfilling relationships with their partners.  Sometimes, it almost seems as if he has paid them to deliver this extraordinary speech about the incredible changes that have taken place for them since adding a little bio-identical hormones back into their lives.


The HCG Diet for Weight Loss as a Gateway


I have learned to see the Medically Supervised HCG Diet for Weight Loss as a gateway to improved health.  I always tell my patients right up front that weight loss is simply a positive side effect to this program.  Truth is, seeing the numbers drops on the scale  is motivating to the mind.  Feeling lighter in your body and having your clothes fit loose and the bloated belly go away feels great to the body.  AND …  feeling better and releasing old habits and patterns around food is really uplifting to the spirit.  Today, I saw so many spirits soaring to new heights with their improved sense of well being and control.  I love how the real benefit comes after our HCG Diet Program when patients feel as if they have learned a whole new way of eating that they truly LOVE!


Gratitude to our Patients


I love my job!  Thanks to all of my patients for keeping me inspired and filled with an attitude of grattude for what I have chosen to do with my professional life. Ten years  ago, I judged this program to no end and was100% closed minded about its efficacy.  Two years later,  I opened my mind thanks to my patients and learned what an effective protocol this really is.  After 8 full years of facilitating this program with nearly 1500 patients and teaching other doctors how to incorporate it into their practices …  I have not once become bored or tired of it.  In fact, every day that I leave the office I am in awe of the changes that this program helps to facilitate in peoples’s lives.   It is a gift!

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