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Drink your Water on the HCG Diet

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Water made a huge difference for me on my HCG Diet program!

Our bodies need hydration. Water is an absolute necessity for proper functioning of the human body. When cleansing your body such as on our HCG Diet Program, it is essential that you remain hydrated. Hydrated cells are able to move toxins out a lot easier than dehydrated cells. A hydrated body also handles the first few days of any detoxification plan better than those who are dehydrated. I have noticed less fatigue and headaches in my hydrated patients on the first few days of any cleansing regimen. It is also easier to get nutrients into cells that are nicely hydrated. Cells that are hydrated have more oxygen which means an overall improvement in energy and function. I ask my patients to shoot for a gallon of water or 4 liters daily on the HCG Diet program.

As your body becomes more hydrated, you will notice that you need to make quite a few more trips to the bathroom. Instead of looking at this as an inconvenience … celebrate the fact that you are letting go of toxins and cleansing your body.

Water is also the remedy for hunger at times. For some people, the signal for hunger and thirst become very similar. The signal for water or hydration can often be confused by our minds as a signal for food. If you know you have recently eaten and feel a sense of hunger, try 16 ounces of water and then assess your hunger level in 5 minutes.


How much Water do I need to Drink each Day on the HCG Diet?


I recommend that my patients (not just my HCG Diet patients … ALL of my patients) consume about 80-120 ounces of water per day. For those weighing in over 190 lbs, I ask them to drink ½ their body weight in ounces daily. Some people, naturally consume lots of water, while others have to really work at it. If you are one of those people that needs to work at drinking water you need to find ways to get it down. Perhaps, you find a special water glass or bottle that you enjoy and be sure you fill it a few times per day to get in the recommended number of ounces.  I have some patients who take a 10 ounce glass and simply drink 8 of them each day.   You have to find a method that works for you.


Does it Matter Where my Water Comes from on the HCG Diet?

YES!!! This absolutely does matter. Water coming from plastic containers is really not a great idea. These bottles are made with chemicals and petroleum which can leach into your body. Many of these chemicals such as BpA are known to disrupt our hormonal systems and to be a potential cause of cancer.

It is best to drink from refillable glass or stainless steel containers. I highly recommend getting a high quality water filter at home. You can get a multi-pure which filters the contaminants from water. I also really like some of the water alkalizers out there on the market.



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