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Low Body Fat is not always Healthy

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HCG Diet portlandWe all know that having a high body fat percentage is linked with many common health conditions these days!  However, having a low level of body fat is not necessarily goof for you either. In fact, we need a healthy level of body fat for our physical health to be optimal.  There are two broad categories of body fat that we store in our bodies — essential fat and storage fat.  On the HCG Diet program at The Natural Path, we try to keep all of our patients within the healthy range of body fat!

The Role of Essential Body Fat

Essential body fat has a very important role in our overall health as it is needed for all of our cellular reactions.  This type of fat is found within all organs as well as the fat-rich tissue of our brain, bone marrow and nervous system.  This type of fat is needed as metabolic fuel to keep our body warm and protect our organs.  These essential fats are also messengers in the body to be sure our metabolism, immune function and growth is happening.  These fats are also crucial for hormone production in the body.  In my clinical practice, I like to see this fat above 5% in men and 14% in women.

Storage Fat’s Role in the Body

Storage fat is also known as non-essential fat and this is accumulated body fat that we use for  energy reserves.  Storage fat is the fat that we notice accumulating on our bodies and often want to get rid of. Storage fat is the type of fat that can be dangerous to the body and it can be a precursor for many common health conditions.

What does Body Fat Percentage Mean?

Your percentage of body fat is the total amount of fat you have in your body. The basic answer is that body fat is your total body weight minus lean mass (water, muscle, bones and connective tissue).  Most weight loss experts will agree that a healthy range for men is 10-20% body fat and for women the healthy range is 20-30% body fat.  For most people, staying in this range will keep health risks at bay.
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