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Phenomenal Results Through the HCG Diet Portland at The Natural Path

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Dr. Cara Phillipo N.D.I am so proud to be the main physician, researcher and educator of our medically supervised HCG Diet and weight loss program in Portland, Oregon. I have found this weight loss plan to be safe, effective and maintainable for most of our hCG Diet patients. I am passionate about this process and have devoted the last decade of my life to researching the ins and outs of fat metabolism.

Have you struggled to lose weight?

Do you need a spring board to help you take some weight off while learning healthy eating and lifestyle habits?

If so, the Natural Path in Portland, Oregon offers an exceptional HCG Diet and weight loss plan.

Dr. Cara Phillipo began facilitating the HCG Diet almost 14 years ago. She has written and revised her own evolved HCG Diet protocol and led thousands of people through her HCG Diet and Weight Loss Protocol in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Cara studied at the National University of Natural Medicine where she received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.  It was at this time that she began devoting studies to weight loss and the treatment of chronic disease.  The Natural HCG Diet & weight loss program led by  Dr. Cara Phillipo has been clinically tested over time in her private practice.  If you are interested in using an HCG Diet & weight loss program it is best to do this under physician supervision.


Learn more about the HCG Diet Portland at The Natural Path – learn more here.  At the Natural Path, Dr. Cara Phillipo works with patients to get to the ROOT CAUSE of your weight problem!   While on the HCG Diet & weight loss plan you will also learn how to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.


Natural Path HCG Diet & Weight loss program is here for you!

Call us today to learn more about our HCG weight loss programs

and how they can benefit your life and your future!


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