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Sugar Cravings and the HCG Diet Program!

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Years ago after completing 2 cycles of the HCG Diet, I let go of sugar in my life outside of the occasional piece of fruit. I have never felt better!

The HCG Diet is a wonderful way for patients to break sugar addictions.  We have lots of patients who come into our office with some level of sugar addiction.  Most people report that when the evening comes they begin to think about sugar.  First step with our sugar craving patients is to optimize the gastro intestinal tract.  We recommend patients take a high quality probiotic in the morning and an anti yeast formula in the evening.   This combination will help to optimize the flora in the gastro intestinal system. Sometimes, when there is an overgrowth of “bad” gut bugs sugar cravings are an issue.  These little critters are smart and since they thrive on sugar, they have devised a chemical signal that tells our brain to crave sugar!

Sugar and the HCG Diet Do not Mix

If sugar is brought into phase II or phase III of the HCG Diet protocol weight loss will simply not happen.  If you are on the HCG Diet, any sugar that does not come from the fruits or vegetables on the phase II protocol is not welcome.   After the program is over, my advice is to  minimize it in your life or avoid it all together.  I myself, used to enjoy sweets when I was younger.  Now, if I even have the smallest morsel of cake, pie or candy I do not feel well.  I cannot do it anymore.  Tastes and cravings can totally change over time … especially with sugar.  Sugar is purely addictive and the cycle can be broken.

  THE HCG DIET can be a Rehab for Sugar Addicts

It is inspiring for me to see my patients who came into the HCG Diet program with heavy sugar cravings to leave the program without any desire for sugar. It is so empowering and transformational for them on many levels.  Many of them even tell me that the sugar cravings are non-existent!!



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