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Sugar is a Legal Drug and it is not Good for your Health

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Celebrate a Sugar Free Life!

This is one of the first thing we teach in the educational aspect of our HCG Diet Program

This is not new news SUGAR CAN RUIN YOUR HEALTH.  However, even with this knowledge, sugar continues to be packed into the food that we consume and it has a huge impact on our health.  In a BBC documentary called, The Truth About Sugar, a number of participants lost between 10 and 15 lbs simply by minimizing the sugar intake in their diets.  In the documentary, changes in health bio markers were seen in just 10 days of lowering sugar intake without changing other lifestyle variables.


In my practice at the Natural Path, I focus on weight management using the HCG Diet program and also lifestyle and diet modifications.  The first place that I focus with education is on sugar intake. I teach my patients about the destructive nature of sugar in the body and we also discuss which foods actually contain “sugar.”



SUGAR comes with Many Names! 

HCG Diet learning 101

If the label does not say straight up SUGAR then many people do not really know they are consuming added sugars.  If you read labels, you might find words such as maltodextrin, maltose, glucose, evaporated cane syrup, dextros, galactose, maltose … just to name a few.

I even go so far as to include fruit juice, dates, honey, agave and dried fruit as sugar.  I have read that sugar hides in foods with over 60 different names.  If you go to the website www.sugarscience.org you can see a complete list.


In my opinion, we really do not need any sugar beyond that which is found in a piece of fruit per day or that found naturally in small amounts in vegetables (above ground).  Many high glycemic fruits and vegetables actually have a high sugar content. It is a natural form of sugar which I certainly prefer but it is still sugar.  When I am dealing with a body that is insensitive to insulin this natural type of sugar is not healthy for the body in moderate to high amounts.

SUGAR has little to no Nutritional Value — HCG Diet lesson #1

Sugar is not what I would want to put in my body for fuel.  I prefer to choose nutrient rich foods that will fuel my cells.  Sugar cane is greatly refined to include no fiber or water.  ALl that is there is simple sugar.  If you do not move your body enough to use these calories they get stored as fat.  There are also many hormonal reasons that this weight gain can be somewhat substantial.

The rule of thumb … be careful what you eat. Remember … what is on the end of your fork is good medicine for the body or it is slightly toxic and not worth consuming.  It really only tastes good for a second.




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