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The Fruit Exchange Option on the HCG Diet Program

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About 7 years ago, I began collecting data on my HCG Diet for Weight Loss Intermittent Fastinf patient population and I realized that my diabetic and pre-diabetic patients did not lose weight as well with fruit in the picture.  I also had many patients who would eat fruit and then 1 hour later be hungrier than they were prior to eating.  I began exploring ways in which I could evolve the protocol to remove the fruit and find a replacement that was satisfying and did not alter the weight loss!  I came up with the Fruit Exchange option!

What is the HCG Diet Fruit Exchange Option

The Fruit Exchange option on our HCG Diet weight loss protocol at The Natural Path involves omitting the fruit and adding an extra protein serving and an extra vegetable serving.  In this case, you would have 3 proteins and 3 vegetables.  Depending upon your protein options this can be more calories and less sugar than the Original HCG Diet plan. This option works great on the HCG Diet and I truly believe that most of my patients prefer it.  I feel it offers the body a greater opportunity to avoid food cravings and reset insulin resistance.

Why Fruit Might Hinder HCG Diet Results

Many people today deal with insulin insensitivity or insulin resistance. Although there are vitamins, minerals and great fiber in fruit – there is also a sugar hit.  If blood sugar goes up with fruit, the body will send out insulin and if you have any level of metabolic syndrome your insulin will shoot up. Remember that insulin is our fat storage hormone and likes the body to store fat!

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