HCG DIet phase 2

The HCG Diet Phase 2 Reminders and Tips

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 THE FAT BURNING PHASE – Reminders and Tips

HCG DIet phase 2Welcome to Phase 2 of our modernized version of the HCG Diet protocol!

1. The juice of one fresh lemon/lime per day is allowed for all purpose!

2. Salt, pepper, 0 sugar vinegar (no balsamic), Tabasco/Frank’s hot sauce and most fresh or dried herbs may be used to season. Mustard is great! Read labels carefully to be sure there are no sugars added.

3. There are NO added fats on this phase.  A quick spray of a non-stick spray can be used to cook.  Most HCG Diet friendly dressings/sauces will use apple cider vinegar as a base. FAVORITE LONGEVITY DIET DRESSING: a base of apple cider vinegar (1 cup); stone ground mustard (3-4tbsp), ½ lemon squeezed well, stevia to taste. Blend and Enjoy. You can add to it! I often add horse radish root and cilantro!

4. Tea, coffee, water & bubbly water are the only drinks allowed. Stevia is the only sweetener allowed.  Sweet Leaf makes flavored stevia drop which are great in sparkling wate  Zevia soda’s and iced tea drinks can work too! No erythritol, sugar, xylitol, sucralose, monk fruit or aspartame on phase 2.

5. Drink at least 2-4 liters of pure water, herbal teas and/or sparkling water/day.

6. If you are not hungry, please have a MINIMUM of 2 proteins, 2 vegetables.

7. Weigh yourself DAILY upon rising after using bathroom (if needed).

8. Be sure to weigh protein & measure veggies in the RAW form.

9. For women, the menstrual period can cause a plateau. This will shif

10. Consider a daily dose of light/moderate exercise ~ this is unique to each individual.

11. Try to get plenty of sleep ~ bed by 10 pm is a nice way to go.

12. Take a cleansing bath as many evenings as you can. Use 2 cups Epsom salts & 1 cup baking soda and relax in a nice, hot bath for 15-30 minutes.

13. The food on the phase II food list can be eaten anywhere you would like throughout the day. Please find a rhythm that works best for you!

14. Be sure bowels are moving daily. If not, bring in a gentle magnesium laxative.

15. Always stay prepared. Have food on hand for when hunger strikes!

16. Keep busy. Read a book. Go for a walk. Boredom can lead to mindless eating.

Cleansing When Starting the HCG Diet Phase 2

NOTE: Remember that your body is going through a deep cleansing process as your body is mobilizing stored fat. You may feel tired or sluggish for the first few days.  It will pass. Be gentle with yourself. The way to your new body is through these uncomfortable moments if they should arise.

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