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Unlock the Power of this HCG Diet program … it works!

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Jump start your weight loss – elevate your health with the HCG Diet Plan!

hcg diet portlandAfter many years of research, we have developed a weight loss plan that is safe, effective, long lasting, clinically researched and fulfills our commitment to higher health.  This medically supervised HCG Diet program is based on nearly 70 years of research and clinical trials. In our own clinic, we have seen a consistent and positive outcome in most patients. With 15 + years of experience with this program, we have modified Dr. Simeon’s original protocol to make it more effective and easier on those leading the modern, busy lifestyle.  Each day, I leave my office feeling inspired by the results that my patients have with this weight loss program.

The key to success is a combination of our specific HCG Diet menu plan, daily injections of pharmaceutical grade Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) & a few simple lifestyle changes.

What We Love About the HCG Diet Program

What we love most about facilitating the HCG Diet here at The Natural Path are the long-term results that most of our patients experience.  Transformation!  The results inspire us on a daily basis.  The HCG Diet is a full immersion approach! It gives you an incredible opportunity to change many habits and patterns in your life while deeply cleansing your body and shedding unwanted fat stores.

  1. Bye bye food addictions.  The HCG Diet allows the body to let go of sugar and processed food cravings and to actually enjoy eating healthy foods that nourish your body! This is worth celebrating!
  2. The HCG Diet can have a positive impact on overall wellness.  Many of our HCG Diet patients report better sleep, improved moods and elevated energy levels!
  3. Hello to new lifestyle habits.  The HCG Diet can help you learn to eat mindfully.  Perhaps you will no longer eat until you feel uncomfortable.  You will hopefully become more mindful of the nutritional value in food and eat to nourish your body!  You will most likely begin a new exercise program too … come phase 3!
  4. The HCG Diet can help you to feel good about eating real food!  There is no reason to be afraid of eating “fat” or food that is dense with nutrition.  This program will help you to establish a positive relationship with healthy food in your life.

The HCG Diet provides an opportunity to establish new patterns in your life on many levels.  You have an opportunity to springboard into a leaner body, a healthy eating regimen, an exercise plan and a YES to being the BEST version of YOU!

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