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A Patient Experience with the HCG Diet Program

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“Dr. Madda & Dr. Phillipo are amazing doctors and incredible facilitators of the HCG Diet & weight loss program.”

hcg diet portlandAfter many years of struggling to lose weight, a friend told me about the HCG Diet that a friend of hers had just completed. The more information I gathered and learned about this HCG Diet and weight loss process the more nervous I became.  I knew THE HCG DIET was the type of weight loss program that I needed to do under the care of a physician.  I had heard about the Natural Path from my primary care doctor when I had asked her about using HCG Diet for weight loss.  I called right away and in 2 weeks I had an appointment with Dr. Phillipo to get started on my HCG Diet journey.  It was time for me to take charge of my life and my health and get back on track with my weight.  After calling many HCG diet centers, I knew this was the place that I would receive the best care and I was right.  It was such a warm and supportive feeling right off the bat!

My First Office Visit at The Natural Path with the HCG Diet

When I arrived at my first HCG Diet appointment, I was greeted by Maia, the office manager and sat in the very warm & cozy waiting room while I filled out the consent form.  Dr. Phillipo came to greet me and took me to her treatment room. The room was warm & inviting and Dr. Phillipo had such a bright and relaxed way about her.  I felt so comfortable at The Natural Path and I knew this was the place that would help free me from the extra weight I had been carrying around or years. I did not feel judged. I felt understood. I felt motivated. I felt inspired. I felt supported. I felt understood. I felt safe and I truly felt ready to start the HCG Diet process. All of my nervous feelings were transformed into excitement.

My experience at my first appointment for the HCG Diet Portland

It was so informative.  We did a wholestate of the art body composition analysis on their In Body body composition analyzer.  I learned more about my body in this one hour than I had in my entire 42 years of life. I left that day feeling super excited about the new path I was on not only with my weight but also with my health.   I continued to see Dr. Cara Phillipo weekly for 6 weeks while I as on the HCG Diet.  Each visit was filled with information and inspiration. I have lost 40 lbs. and have never felt better!  I am so grateful for this time in my life to make the changes that I have made. I cannot say enough about Dr. Phillipo and her role as a physician, a life coach and pure source of inspiration and motivation. Thank-you for all you have done for me!


Genevieve Richards — Happy HCG Diet patient from The Natural Path HCG Diet Center Porland, Oregon

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