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A Patient Shared her Testimony after the HCG Diet Program

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Here is a very sweet testimonial to the HCG Diet and our Integrative medical clinic called The Natural Path!  We love what we do. We provide exceptional care and education to our patients so that they can live a happy, healthy lifestyle!

An honest testimony of a patient’s experience with the HCG diet protocol

“It has been a little over a year since my life style change and weight loss. I honestly can’t say how blessed and greatful I am for all the help in my life. I have never felt more beautiful or confident and it amazes me every day when I look in the mirror the changes I have made to my life. Sometimes it is a struggle, but I have never gone back to eating how I use too. A year ago, my husband  and I bought almost 90% prepackaged food full of additives and, lets be honest, no real food. I went to the store today and 98% of what I bought was fresh produce and what wasn’t fresh produce was gluten free or organic natural ingredients with few if any additives.

I feel great and hardly get sick and if I do it is for much shorter than I use too. Thank you everyone who has helped and supported me so I can wear no makeup baggy pants and an oversized sweatshirt and feel beautiful. I can never thank those who supported me enough. You helped me find myself and I am never going back.”

We love how the HCG Diet change lives

The medically supervised HCG diet program at the Natural Path in Portland has the incredible potential of changing peoples lives.  We  are amazed on a daily basis by the incredible success of our patients.  We could never have imagined that we could truly open peoples eyes and show them a healthy way to eat and live.

It is an Honor to Facilitate the HCG Diet in a medical setting in Portland, Oregon


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