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An Amazing HCG Diet Experience

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I began the HCG Diet program last January!  I was 100 lbs over weight and was ready to get it off. For years, I had thought the HCG Diet sounded really drastic and just was not something that sounded right to me. After months of trying EVERYTHING to get the weight off I was not getting anywhere but depressed.   I scoured the internet looking for a solution and came across The Natural Path website. I was intrigued by the amazing, heart-felt reviews that people had written on the HCG Diet program and Dr. Cara.


My 100 lb Weight Loss on the HCG Diet Program

I met with Dr. Cara and immeidately left her office feeling this new sense of inspiration and motivation.  I was so excited to get the weight off and also to elevate my health in the process. Dr. Cara was there to help me with both.  The first 6 months of 2018, I did 2  rounds of the HCG Diet which each lasted 6 weeks  I  took a break for a couple of months in between rounds to be sure I could maintain the weight that I had lost.  I was so thrilled. The first round, I lost 30 lbs and over my maintenance period, I continued to lose another 8 lbs. AMAZING!!!!  I felt lighter and more in control of my life.   I began my second round in May of 2018 and in this time, I lost another 26 lbs. I was down 64 lbs total!


Over the summer of 2018, I had a lot of travel to do and decided to stick with a healthy eating plan through August. Dr. Cara was fabulous at helping me to create a non-deprivational eating program.  I continued tolsoe 10 lbs over the summer AND I began exercising for the first time in my life. I joined a gentle yoga class and began walking every day.  I was not 75 lbs down.

In September of 2018, I jumped into 5 week round of the HCG Diet program and lost another 27 lbs.  My body composition analysis was amazing to see.  I did lose 10 lbs of water over the 9 months of weight loss but, I the rest of the weight ALL came from fat stores!  I have never in my life felt so wonderful.

The HCG Diet Benefits go far Beyond Weight Loss

It has been so amazing to be 100 lbs lighter. I have gone shopping and have an entire new wardrobe. The weight loss was significant but, the elevation in my self-confidence has been truly life changing. I feel so great in my body. I used to feel so much shame in public for my appearance and for how I felt in my body. Now, I love to be seen. I recently got a new job that I never would have applied for a year ago!  I began online dating last week and I am so excited to meet new people.  This has been the best thing I have ever done!

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