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Breaking the Sugar Habit with the HCG Diet Protocol

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hcg diet portlandWhen I meet with many of my HCG Diet patients to begin the process of burning fat stores and optimizing wellness we dive deep into learning about ways to FUEL the body.  We re-create the meaning of the word SATISFACTION when it comes to eating.  We release the SATISFACTION that comes from a sugar addiction and learn that true SATISFACTION comes from nourishing our cells with high nutrient, clean, pure FOOD!!

Stress, Cortisol and Sugar

Sugar is an inferior fuel source for the body which burns quick and does not keep our engine running strong.  We can get sugar from our diet by choosing high carb/high sugar foods and sugar can also get dumped into the bloodstream in response to chronic stress. . Chronic stress ramps up production of cortisol which basically says to the liver, “Please dump lots of sugar into the bloodstream! We’re in trouble here and we need to run away!”

This was a fabulous design way back in the caveman days and we had to start running from a big bear.  Sugar can be a great fuel in emergencies where we need to be physical as it is a quick burst!  However, if you receive a phone call at work (while sitting down for hours) that kicks in the stress response that excess blood sugar is going to trigger insulin and get stored as fat!!!

The Downfall of Being a Sugar-Burner

The bottom line is that nothing good comes out of being stuck in sugar-burning mode. Sugar produces relatively tiny amounts of ATP energy for our bodies, while fat produces a LOT of great sustained energy.

The irony is that we’ve been taught for years that we need carbohydrates for energy.  Lets let that go and replace it with the truth!  The best, the most efficient and the most clean-burning, energy-producing fuel is not carbohydrates—it’s fat.

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