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Eating in Harmony with our Human Genetics

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hcg diet portlandIt always blows my mind to think that our human genetics goes back roughly 200,000 years.   Genetics takes millions of years to evolve and therefore, we are very similar to our ancestors from very long ago.  However, we sure are not living like they did.

If you lived in the paleolithic times of 10,000 years ago or even in the pre-industrial age of 300 years ago it was rare to come across a person with excess fat stores. It was work to get food to eat and no one was sitting down for much of the day. Life was a bout a lot of hard work.

I like to review this information with all of my HCG Diet patients!

The Design of our Human Body

Our human body has not had time to adapt to our modern day of living and eating.  Today we have a ridiculous amount of effortlessly, accessible food, everything happens on demand and we are accustomed to jobs where we sit a lot of the day.  So much of our food these days is processed which means it becomes sugar in our bodies in an instant.  (sugar to insulin to fat).

Our bodies are designed to work hard and SURVIVE!!!  We are capable of intense physical activity and living with a scarcity of food.  Most of the food we ate was unprocessed and uncooked. We simply are not designed to be sitting still and eating processed foods that are basically quickly digested sugars.

Even Healthy Foods can be Overly Processed

One healthy food that is easily processed is nuts.  In today’s world we can grab 2 tbsp of nut butter right from the jar and throw it down that hatch thinking we have just done something wonderful for our bodies.

Of course, there are surely worse choices that you could make than almond butter. However, to get that 2 tbsp of nut butter took about 25 nuts that someone (or something) harvested for you and processed into a nice nut butter conveniently packaged in a jar for you to dip your spoon into.  Do you realize that it would take about an hour of hard work to get those 25 nuts!? Once it is the form of a nut butter your body also does not have to do anything at all to break it down. You do not even have to chew.

What about nuts in a jar?  You can reach into a jar of peanuts and easily consume 2-3 handfuls with no effort at all to get those 500 calories.

Most all breads are a pre-digested form of something whether it is wheat or almond flour, etc.  Again, there was no work done to harvest, prepare or consume this food.

Juice is similar. You might drink a glass of orange juice but you might not eat the 5-8 oranges it took to get that juice in the cup.  With eating oranges you must wait for them to be in season, peel them and the fiber within will slow down the absorption of the sugar.  Unfortunately, orange juice is a sugar rush, followed by an insulin spike, followed by fat storage (unless you went for a good exercise session after consuming it).

While food manufacturers are grinding it all up for us they are also adding chemicals, additives and sugars in the process. Yuck!

If we removed pre-digested food from our grocery store shelves such as breads, cereal, crackers, pasta, cookies, dairy, jams, nut butters, etc. We would be left with meat, fish, eggs, legumes, whole grains and produce!

Take home message: try to eat foods that look like the original form most of the time!  Choose foods that take time to prepare, eat and digest.  This is best for our human genetics.

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