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Fat as the Optimal Fuel

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Fat is Gold when it comes To Fuel for the Body

HCG Diet treatSugar is great in a bind—but if you want sustained energy, you’re much better off using fat as your primary fuel. Nature knew what she was doing when she gave you an endless supply of fat.  Sugar would be like the kindling and fat would be that slow burning log that sustains the energy output.

There truly is an added bonus to shifting your metabolism to burn fat.  Fat is a  very clean burning fuel for the body. When you burn fat, it doesn’t produce as many of the chemicals that cause inflammation and oxidative damage, which are at the core of virtually every degenerative disease we know of, as well as the general process of aging.

That’s why moving from a sugar-burning to a fat-burning metabolism reduces your risk of so many diseases. Fat is the perfect fuel to power our cellular machinery. Fat is what we want our cells to run on.

Getting our Cells to run on Fat

If a steady diet of sugar is so bad for us, why don’t our bodies just burn a minimum amount of sugar and generate all the other energy it needs from fat?  Our bodies don’t run on fat these days as we have trained them not to due to the high amounts of carbohydrates in the modern day diet.  In the days before we had such an abundance of food, humans were “metabolically flexible” and could easily shift between fuel sources. This can be reclaimed today with some practice!

There are many ways in which we can shift the body into utilizing fat for fuel.  My favorite is intermittent fasting. I have written an excellent article on the topic that you can search for in this blog for a deeper understanding.  We can also lower our carbohydrate link and create a metabolic response over time that will allow the body to shift into fat burning.

Getting optimal sleep and managing stress are also very important when it comes to metabolic flexibility.  Exercise is also key!  We review and learn about all of these amazing lifestyle changes in the HCG Diet Program that we offer at The Natural Path for weight loss.

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