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Fat is the Preferred Fuel Source of the Body

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The HCG Diet can Help you Burn Fat

hcg diet portland“I have tried everything and I just cannot stop the fat from coming on my body?”  “How do I burn fat?”  These are questions I hear in my practice pretty much every day!!  When I see patients through the HCG Diet process that I have created at The Natural Path we spend a lot of time learning how the body breaks down and processes fat and which foods will lend to the success of fat burning and optimal function of the body.

Getting out the Sugar Burning Trap

The main reason you can’t burn off that fat is because your mitochondria aren’t being used optimally.  Remember, our mitochondria would much prefer to use the fatty acids from fat break down over the glucose from carb/sugar break down.  Our bodies make way more ATP burning fat than they do sugar.  We all have a fabulous engine in our body!  If you feed it sugar every day then it’s like giving it the worse kind of fuel ever.  Many people eating a standard American Diet have trained their bodies to rely on the inferior fuel source of sugar. Not only does this create less energy,  but, it also increases oxidation and inflammation that lead to aging, chronic disease and excess fat storage.  The worst part of this is that the body also gets addicted to sugar!

Through the HCG Diet process, I help my patients escape the sugar-burning mode and upgrade to a fat-burning metabolism.

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