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Food is the Most Powerful Medicine of All

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HCG Diet PortlandWhat is sitting there on the end of your fork is Powerful Medicine!  Food is true medicine. It is my belief that if we all ate pure, healthy food in moderation we would not have near the amount of sickness that we have in our culture.  Truth be told, learning healthy eating habits is the corner stone of success with our Evolved HCG Diet program at The Natural Path.  You can take a drug for almost every condition or symptom imaginable but the real medicine, the most powerful healing agents around come from our food.


Food as Medicine and Food as Poison

We make a choice every time we take a bite … we are either nourishing our bodies or poisoning our selves to some extent.  Foods that are processed are really just “food like products.”  They are not going to help your body.  Yes, they are calories but they can do so many detrimental things over time and create inflammation, obesity and the good old FLS (feel like shit) syndrome.  We have spent the past decade educating our patients on eatring right, cleansing their bodies and being mindful about what they choose to put into their mouths.  It takes practice, it takes getting back on track every time that you fall off … it is a real comittment. Healthy eating means choosing the right foods, being aware of sugar and carb intake, staying hydrated and eating in MODERATION.  Do not eat when you are NOT hungry. Learn about Intermittent Fasting!


The Real Benefit of the HCG Diet Protocol is Learning a New Way to Eat and Live


In over the 1000 patients we have put through our medically supervised HCG diet in Portland, Oregon we have seen amazing changes in lab results and body composition changes after just 6 weeks of healthy eating.  In my eyes, our HCG Diet changes peoples lives as through the protocol they learn that clean lean proteins and vegetables make them feel amazing. Pain disappers, reflux goes away, inflammation dies down, bloating diminishes, energy rises, exercise routines get created, headaches go away, sleep improves, blood sygar normalizes, blood pressure often normalizes and weight falls off.


Eat well and Be well!

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