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Getting a “Jumpstart” on Weight Loss with the HCG Diet

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HCG Diet Portland

Jump for Joy with the way you might feel after losing 20 lbs with the HCG Diet program

My goal with all of my HCG Diet patients is to help them get a “jumpstart” on weight loss in a way that has clinically proven itself to me and many other physicians over the past 60 + years to be safe and effective. I have grown to love this program as it helps my patients to identify the triggers that lead to eating mindlessly and/or in excess to the needs of the human body.  We all know that if you choose to live beyond your means in life, you will end up with financial issues.  It is also true that if you eat beyond your human need you will most likely end up with weight issues.

Learning to eat for HEALTH through the HCG Diet

It amazes me over and over that at the outcome of the HCG Diet protocol, patterns and habits based around food change dramatically for most of my patients.  I love creating a maintenance lifestyle/diet plan that is uniquely tailored to each individual patient.   Learning how to eat for health can take practice.  As with anything, practice calls for learning from our slip ups or mistakes.

Creating a LIFESTYLE Diet

The word “diet” is one that carries a wide range of dramatic emotions for many people.  For most, this word makes us think of limitations and sacrifice.  I prefer to call it a lifestlye diet  and imbibe the sense of motivation, inspiration and excitement to make change.    The lifestyle diet that I co-create alongside my patients is one that the patient finds reasonable and exciting. We need to eat every day and it is my opinion that food should be eaten with love and should be delicious! A lifestyle diet is one that is not too rigid and has some wiggle room for the occasional indulgence once, twice or maybe even three times per week.  However, it is also a program that you consciously choose to commit too … and when you do … you can watch your body change, your energy level change and your life change!  Suddenly this way of eating is actually a NEW WAY OF LIFE!  Once that happens, you are hooked!  In my experience, most do not revert back to old ways.
 I am not saying that there is not sacrifice and compromise with food desires when you choose to change your way of life, BUT,  this is something you are choosing to do to elevate your health … that in itself is inspiring … isn’t it!?


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