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Gratitude from our HCG DIET PATIENTES

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Expressions of Gratitude from our HCG Diet Patients


LDN and weight lossIf there is one thing that I absolutely love about my practice it is watching people transform to become a next level version of themselves. It fuels me day in and day out to see the transformation of body mind and spirit.

Dr. Phillipo,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, you and your HCG Diet program have changed my life. Since having been on the HCG diet my self esteem and the way I feel has been changed exponentially. Before I never wanted to go out, dress up and be seen by people but now I can go out and feel beautiful, and it’s because of you. Not only has the treatment done wonders but the personal care you both have given me made me feel great. I leave to go home for christmas tomorrow and I can’t wait to show my family how great I look and it’s all thanks to you. I hope you and your boys have a wonderful christmas and New Years. I can’t wait do do round two of the HCG Diet program, and know that I count what you have done for me this year in my blessings.

Thank you with all of my heart, A.E.




Dear Dr. Cara,

How can I even begin to say thank you for all that you have helped me with this year.  I truly feel like an entirely different person,   One year ago today, I had a hard time walking and used a cane, my blood sugar was high, my blood pressure was high, I took 6 meds and had no energy.  Today. I am 75 lbs. lighter, I have more energy than I did when I was 25 years old and I am taking NO meds.  Amazing.  The HCG Diet has really changed my eating 100% and the testosterone pellet therapy has been a godsend.  This has been nothing short of a miracle and I am so grateful to have crossed your path.


Happiness is being down 6 pants sizes after two rounds of the HCG Diet

Dr. Cara,

As I sit here on Christmas day and think of all the great things in my life you come to mind.  Your sweet and gentle guidance has been a true gift to me this year and my life is so much better with all that I have learned through you and with your support.  The HCG Diet Protocol has taken years off of my life and led me down a whole new path of healthy eating and healthy living.  I can hardly believe it is me when I walk by a mirror sometimes.  I turn and look at the reflection and marvel at how thin and fit I have become.  I never thought I could be this way.  Thankyou so much.  The self confidence I feel when I put on size 6 jeans (down from size 12) is truly unbelievable. Thank you for changing my life and making me who I am today.  Forever your grateful patient, P.K.


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