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Great Appliances for the HCG Diet

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There are A LOT of appliances out on the market these days to make cooking simpler and/or to make food taste better. For me, I am a minimalist and I really need to LOVE an additional appliance if I a going to make room for it in my kitchen. There are many that make the HCG Diet tastier and let’s face it … more FUN!  I have to say that my faves are the air fryer, the rocket grill and the George Forman!

The Amazing Air Fryer on the HCG Diet

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I got my air fryer last year after hearing patient after patient rave about the way vegetables and proteins tasted on phase 2 when made in the Air Fryer.  They were right … our air fryer gets daily use!  You can use oil or you can skip the oil and keep things as is!  They taste great either way.  You cannot go wrong with cooking almost any vegetable and most proteins in the air fryer!  It is also a whole new world when you can add oil to your food in phase 3 of the HCG Diet protocol. There is even a mini version that you can use if you are travelling.

The Wonderful Rocket Grill for the HCG Diet

The other appliance I use often in P2 is called the Sunbeam Rocket Grill. It’s the best thing ever for small portions. It uses parchment paper bags to cook your food, and there is no appliance cleanup whatsoever. Everything (chicken breast filet, fish filet, steak) cooks in 5 minutes or less, and you toss the bag in the trash once it’s cooked. It also has a setting that allows you to cook any of these while still frozen without having to thaw as well, but takes 2-3 extra minutes if still frozen.

The George Foreman Grill on the HCG Diet

This amazing new friend sits on my counter awaiting my next creation.  If you have not prepared your meats on one you should definitely give it a try.  While on Dr. Simeons protocol we are to reduce our fat intake as much as possible and the benefit of the grill is it removes the fat from the meat due tot he angle of cooking.  I also love the amazing speed in which you can have your meal prepared and served in 15 minutes or less.   Give it a try and I know you will love it!

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