Hunger Control on the HCG Diet Protocol

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Controlling Hunger on the HCG Diet

Let’s face it, most of the hunger experienced on the HCG Diet is more behavioral than an actual physiological need for food. If we were left in the woods for 2-3 weeks without any food we would actually survive!!!  We come from a line of human genetics that is very old and goes back to the time when humans did not eat all that much and had times when food is scarce. We are blessed with an insulin response to increased blood sugar levels when food is plentiful which helps our bodies to store fat for fuel for later use when food is scarce.

Hunger is more of a Behavioral Response

We are used to eating on demand in today world and rarely is there a need to search for food. Our ancestors burned calories all day long looking for food for survival. Our human genetics are set up this way and due to the fact that genetics takes millions of years to evolve we are not going to change anytime soon.  One modern day hunger signal is our belly feeling empty. This is not actual physiological hunger. This comes from the fact that modern day people in developed nations rarely let their bellies be empty. Another modern day signal for hunger comes from the fact that one is actually thirsty!!!

Simple Tips for Helping with Hunger on the HCG Diet

1. Clean – Keep Distracted by cleaning around the house. Who would have thought a diet could make your home cleaner than ever? I find that this just amplifies the whole cleansing, detox aspect.

2. Exercise – Even if it’s just taking a short walk, physical movement can make it easy for cravings to subside.  If you get hungry go for a walk/drink so me water and then see where you are at.

3. Spend time with friends family – Plan some non-food related activities with family and friends. Go for a hike and be nourished by your company.

4. Watch a movie – Get cozy with a blanket and a nice cup of tea and enjoy a movie!

5. Look at your food in a new light — Most of the time, food is either very good for us or not so great for us.  Every time you start craving unhealthy food, remember that it will really only create inflammation in your body.

6. Stay Hydrated – Keep sipping on water all day long. Drink water through-out the day will keep your appetite down. Sparkling water can also help to fill the belly.

7. Go to bed early – Going to bed early and getting sleep is one of the best things you can do on the program. Evening cravings are common and easy to give into.  The sleep is also excellent for weight loss.

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