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Inflammation and Oxidation Bring Down Metabolism

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Exploring the Root of Metabolic Damage

hcg diet portlandAs Naturopathic Doctors, we like to look at the “root cause” of an illness and not just provide the band-aid for the symptoms as they appear.  When we look closely at virtually any disease out there … especially the big chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.  we can find inflammation and oxidative damage at the root!  When oxidation issues and inflammation are present it makes it more difficult for the body to burn fat for fuel.  I like to work with all of my HCG Diet patients to get their bodies hormonal messages being sent and received with efficiency!

In previous blog posts this month, we discuss the downfall of sugar as our main fuel source and how detrimental it is to our bodies.   Burning sugar leads to less energy, increased hunger and more eating — then you end up storing fat and inflammation sets in. It is truly a vicious cycle!

The Disruption of Hormonal Messages and Faulty Metabolism

Hormones work a lot like e-mail.  Even when they’re “sent out” properly, they don’t always wind up where they’re supposed to go.  Disruptions can happen along the way and the message is not received!  This happens in the body as well!

The most common reason that cells do not get to read the “email” or receive the message of the hormones is that the receptors on our cell membranes are not functioning properly.  Receptors are very easily damaged by oxidation and inflammation.

The Hormonal Message to Burn Fat Gets Distorted with Inflammation

Before we dig a little deeper into the details of this oxidative damage and inflammation, let’s look at the important hormones that need to be well orchestrated in order to lose weight.

  1. Sugar and processed carbs raise insulin.
  2. Sugar and insulin are very  inflammatory
  3. Insulin causes fat storage and fat cells create more inflammation.
  4. As insulin goes up, IGF-1 decreases which then makes it very difficult for these fat cells to release their energy.
  5. Inflammation causes more free radicals, which cause more oxidative damage which contributes to further inflammation in a vicious cycle.
  6. This vicious cycle damages the cell membranes and makes it hard for the cell to receive messages.
  7. When the receptors are dysfunctional, the hormonal messages (like those coming from IGF-1 and leptin) are not received and fat burning is inhibited.


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